AWS Amazon Game Tech Days – Turkey! Whether you’re new to game development, or a seasoned professional, join us for Let’s Play: AWS Game Tech Days Turkey, a 2-day online event where you’ll learn more about how to build games with AWS. As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU Gaming and Esports Agency, we are proud to be a part of this great digital event. Over the past 14 years, more than 90 percent of the world’s largest public gaming companies have used AWS to power their games. As the AWS Cloud services continue to evolve, they are helping increasing game studios of various sizes to develop and launch their next hit game quickly with the right tools. Let’s Plays: AWS Game Tech Days – Turkey (Let’s Play: AWS Game Tech Days Turkey), Peak Games, Gaming In Turkey, Women In Games Turkey, Commencis, Bilge Adam, and experts AWS Game Tech of industry professionals such as team practical information It will provide Turkey and the game brings together eco-systems in adjacent areas free online (online) by the event.

AWS Amazon Game Tech Days – Turkey

Let’s Play: AWS Game Tech Days Turkey is an online event designed to bring the Turkish Game ecosystem together to share ideas, exchange information, and discuss how cloud technologies are helping game studios of all sizes. If you are in the process of conceiving your game as an idea, or are interested in understanding player trends, or want to integrate a particular technology into your game, AWS Game Tech Days will help you acquire the knowledge and tools needed to test and validate your thinking and approach, and then take your game to the next level.

Speakers will include AWS technical experts from the Game Tech team, partners from the AWS Partner Network, game studio founders, and leading figures from the Turkish game community, sharing success stories with you and advising you on how to get started. As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU, we are very happy to be here as speakers. Our Founder and CEO Ozan Aydemir will explain important numbers and ways to success. You will gain insight into the challenges you will face early in your work and how you should think about solving technological problems. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs who will encourage you to move forward and continue, and listen to their road stories and ideas to share.

AWS Amazon Game Tech Days - Turkey

Join the Let’s Play: AWS Game Tech Days Turkey online event, and hear from leaders in the Turkish Games Industry!

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