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Brand Strategy Development

Having 10 years of experience, Gaming in Turkey team has been working in the game market in Turkey with 50 + games published and more than 20 + brands created under various roofs. Successful brand creation is only possible with a strategy (brand strategy development), which will lead ways for masses. In order to create the correct strategy, key points are to know the audience well and take the necessary steps by conducting the accurate analysis.

From MMOFPS to MMORPG, MMORTS to MMOFootball, MMO Dance, nearly every genre of MMO games branded and published to Turkey, MENA region, and Europe with Gaming in Turkey experts. Building a strategy for a game, also building a future for it. There are lots of differences between regions from tradition to language, modern living to communication. In 3 different traditions, 50 + games publishing is added too much value to Gaming in Turkey experience.

Brand Strategy Development - Gaming In Turkey Gaming Agency

Before making strategy (brand strategy development), you need to analyze and think about your brand. The name of the product is suitable for the region or not? You have to take some focus groups and talk about how the name, genre made them feel. In the regional base, some players are okay with the original name, because of products history and story. But sometimes it needed to be changed according to spell and expansion. After you decide your brand name, you need a brand development with your plans. You have to create a strategy for better games marketing. There are various choices according to your product and target players. Age, gender, student or worker, know any language or not, competitive or environmental. Analyze your product and target and giving reports, can change the whole strategy of your product regionally. In Turkey, players are so competitive but in Mena, they are not for a specific game genre. Or it changes to one another game. You need to change your development according to these reports hastily and prepare your product to the region to hit your target values. Do not forget, local game name, local game motto and local game positioning could be the main key!

Gaming in Turkey team is willing to share their own experiences from game/brand name to its positioning, from picking the target audience to choosing linguistic elements.

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