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Digital Marketing is one of the most efficient marketing fields of digital worlds brands.

Old marketing style continues. TV’s, magazines, outdoor and indoor marketing still can catch your target. But if you have a digital product you must use digital marketing. But before, you have to prepare your presentations. Like landing pages, banners, announcers, videos and etc. If you don’t have creative digital marketing materials, even you have the best team, you can’t move and beat your rivals. Before entering digital marketing world, you need to take attention to your product with your resources. Then your journey starts. At this point Gaming in Turkey is giving creative ideas for marketing, strength is coming for experienced years.

Digital Marketing - Gaming In Turkey Gaming Agency


Digital marketing analyzes and reports are very important. Because it is measurable it’s available to take urgent actions. With your reports and feedback, you can easily change your digital road and start new campaigns immediately. Taking fast action also save your budget. Gaming in Turkey experts, using SARA method which developed by G.I.T. SARA – search, analyze, report and action are the fastest way to use proper digital marketing channels. Our team is playing with Google, Facebook, Twitter campaigns, affiliate contracts, SEO, and seeding for better games marketing. In Europe, Mena and Turkey regions, preparing so many campaigns giving you to find the best option for the product and G.I.T experts has 10 years experience in their digital field.

From SARA reports and digital agreements and campaigns are created and reported specifically to the brand by Gaming in Turkey. With these reports, we can decide which digital marketing tool is efficient and use it or cancel the high valued campaign.

Service Areas For Game User Acquisition

  • FB, Google, Twitter, YT Campaigns – with proper banners, videos and landing pages
  • Game User Acquisition
  • Affiliate Agreements – with well-known gaming websites and portals
  • SEO & Seeding – with forums, Facebook groups, and pages
  • Digital Campaigns with Special Content
  • Programmatic
  • Mobile CPI Campaigns (CPI, CPA, CPM)
  • Hard KPI CPI Campaigns for Turkey
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