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Digital PR and PR management spread your success to your target audience with Gaming in Turkey!

Gaming in Turkey Digital PR and PR Management spreads the word in public, and make everyone see your successful projects. Although you do your job as excellent as it can be, not many people will know about this if you cannot advertise it to the world. A successful product, game or a game marketing strategy should be announced publicly.

Digital PR Management - Gaming In Turkey Gaming Agency


Game PR. Even there is an unsuccessful issue, you learned something and you will not do the same mistakes in your next job. So you might also share your experiences with an industrial way to other companies as an example. This kind of action will boost your reputation, from mistakes you learned and passing through your experiences to the others. But there are ways to represent yourself even you made mistakes. While doing this, you may disturb your value in the market. Gaming in Turkey experts can help you how to service your success stories and your known experiences to the game industry. Everybody can make mistakes but the problem is how you carry on and how you describe yourself.

For your company and/or product, digital PR is important in regional also. In Europe, all other companies are curious about your success. In Turkey and Mena, everyone wants to learn your experiences, how to build yourself, how to survive and your moves. With successful PR management, you can service your actions monthly or weekly to your audience. With the power of Gaming in Turkey professionals, your PR management also talked by magazines, websites, gamers, and your target customers.

Announcing your success not only to the players but also the whole masses will increase the value and the prestige of the product.

Digital PR Management Service Areas

  • Public Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Game PR and Game Digital PR
  • Creating PR Strategies – Yearly
  • Creating Bulletin Contents – Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly
  • Sending Bulletins – Daily / Weekly
  • Reporting – After every PR management action
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