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Let Gaming In Turkey Professionals Make Your Game Media Planning In Regional Basis!

Knowing where to access the players, which frequency you will use and what message will affect them, starts with a good analysis. If we want to use the budget in the most efficient way possible, these are some of the aspects Gaming in Turkey takes for your media planning:evaluating the market, following periodical changes, analyzing rivals, detecting media targets, fully determining the target audience, choosing the most suitable media channels and creating the media karma.

Whatever you do, first you need a plan, Gaming in Turkey believes. Yoda created a warrior from Luke and planned every detail when he sensed the power in him. Before taking an action, you have to calculate consequences. You can make a big hype but if it’s not required peak, you fail your product. Under these circumstances, Media Planning is a very important part of whole game operations. If you don’t know where is your target audience, your budget increases. If you don’t know where to advertise and spend whole your budget to digital resources, you may miss paying users. Game operation needs analyze and reports according to every step you take. Game Media planning also utilized by these reports and find an accurate way for your product.

Media Planning Service - Gaming In Turkey Gaming In Agency


Online, Offline, printed media, outdoor, TV, PR, classical, user acquisition, digital marketing, influencer marketing, game exhibitions, booth construction, booth design or new mediums… While performing media planning, the important thing for the Gaming in Turkey team is directing target players to the game according to the given budget and strategy, keep tracking and analyzing these activities and developing the plan consistently.

According to your product. G.I.T Gaming in Turkey can use every instrument from marketing to reach target users with Media Planning. As much as planning, timing is a very important key. You need to know which channel to use when and find your gamers. You need to combine offline and online media with good planning and proper timing.

Service Areas For Game Media Planning

  • Market Analysis
  • Establishing The Media Objective
  • Setting The Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation And Follow-Up
  • TV Media Plan
  • Digital Media Plan
  • Offline Media Plan
  • Online Media Plan
  • Esports Media Plan

Let’s plan your product!

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