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101XP, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, Dragon Awaken, games marketing, mmorpg games
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101XP, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, Dragon Awaken, games marketing, mmorpg games
About This Project

101XP Digital Campaign!

101XP Digital Campaign! Affiliate marketing project for web browser-based legendary fantastic MMORPG game Dragon Awaken. Membership project was carried out for the web browser-based MMORPG game which can be registered with single-opt membership system. With the start of this marketing project, which we collaborated with 101XP company, the cooperation between two companies will continue with the other games of 101XP. In this project, visual designs shared by 101XP are localized and edited according to our audience. The internet sites on our affiliate network have reached higher conversion rates with localized images and our work is completed in less time than we expected. As second, after preparation of new visuals, we will continue our project with 101XP.
In the affiliate project conducted with 101XP, each website was identified and the returns from the internet sites in our network were evaluated separately. In addition to the retention rates, in-game expenditures of the conversions are constantly checked by 101XP in the system where the conversions are followed as Day 1- Day 7. In addition to the D1 – D7 conversions, we have focused on the internet sites which we are pleased with in-game spending returns. As the result of our focus, we have increased both conversions and in-game spendings.
Based in Russia 101XP company’s web browser MMORPG game Dragon Awaken is quite popular in our country too. You can play Dragon Awaken through your browser without any download, graphics and musics also in very high quality. For the turn-based endless action, thrilling battles await you! The game, which includes important characters from mythology and history, is very detailed and successful in the development of heroes.
In Dragon Awaken, where the battles shapes quite fast in time, we see MMORPG-based dungeon system too. You can join battles just with login, without any downloads. And of course, there are ‘Dragons’ in Dragon Awaken. On the way of hunting dragons with your friends on orders from your commander, something goes wrong. You are granting with the power of the Dragon and joining the Legendary Dragon Knight troops. And everything has a price… Fighting enemy armies, facing monsters in dark dungeons, hunting, challenge Dark Knights in forests.