Black Desert Media Relations December 2018 - Game PR in Turkey
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About This Project

Black Desert Media Relations December 2018!  In December, we shared 5 press releases for the Black Desert brand with the media. The number of published bulletins was 135 in all game sites throughout the month.


In December we had 5 main topics:

    • Black Desert’s Presents New Character: Archer
    • New Character Archer Appear to Adventurers
    • The rise of Black Desert Online’s New Character Archer
    • Black Desert New Year Festive Begins
    • Black Desert Preparing to Celebrate 1st Year Events


Our first PR content was introduced the new character Archer. The next 2 content was about the new character Archer and announce this to Adventurers. Our other content was about new year and Black Desert’s 1st-year events. Our PR team chose sites carefully. So Adventurers could access to all contents.


Game PR and Game Media Relations in Turkey


If you’re a game developer, publisher looking for a game PR and marketing agency in Turkey with a ton of games experience then you’re in the right place. We know that developers or publishers of all sizes need a lot of help. As Gaming in Turkey, we are the only GAME AGENCY based in Istanbul, which could care about your games from A to Z! Yes, that’s real! Translation or localization? We are here! Media Planning and User Acquisition? We are here! Influencer marketing? We are still here! Operations like GM or CS services? We are here! And PR & Digital PR; We are here to give you best service!


Our steps are;

  • Preparation of Content and Media Plan
  • Press Release Writing and Service To Media
  • Media Follow-Up
  • Tracking Competitive News
  • Written and digital Press PR Studies
  • Daily sharing of Media Mirrors
  • Making Interview Adjustments


We always warn our clients & partners for one thing! Game PR is alone could be not so effective! It’s a part of marketing please do not forget this!


Black Desert Media Relations December 2018!