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black desert, black desert online, game events, voice of adventurers
About This Project

Black Desert Voice Of Adventurers Event

As Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency, with the Black Desert Turkey & MENA team, we have organized the Voice of Adventures offline meeting at The Marmara Hotel Taksim on March 23 2019, with the participation of Black Desert Adventurers. During the Black Desert Turkey & MENA’s first offline event, the Adventurers met with the Black Desert team, shared their ideas and took part in the Black Desert world celebrations.
While the Adventurers cohered during the day of Voice of Adventures event at the Marmara Hotel Taksim, they have created new friendships and alliances. Black Desert Team Project Manager Jieun Jeong, Product Manager James Heo and Global Business Manager Jack Yoon also took part in the Voice of Adventures event and responded with all the sincerity to the Adventurers.
Black Desert Team, apologized to the Adventurers about the negative aspects of the game, applauded the adventurers who participated in the event. The Voice Of Adventures event also featured various activities.
Experienced Adventurers were awarded by the Black Desert Turkey & MENA team. The event of Black Desert Turkey & MENA, laid the groundwork for the upcoming offline activities. In the event of unforgettable and exciting moments, Adventurers questioned in Q&A sessions and correct answerers rewarded with valuable awards. Also, tips for new contents announced by the Black Desert team.
Black Desert Turkey & MENA team shared their tips on new contents of the future with the Adventurers. In this context, upcoming new contents and changes excited players. The Adventurers gave feedbacks and shared their ideas with the Black Desert team about the game. The Adventurers of Black Desert Turkey & MENA directed their questions, shared ideas and had the opportunity to reach the world of Black Desert directly.
After the event, the Black Desert team gathered with the most important channels of the Turkish gaming industry in a dinner;, Razer Turkey, Flank Esports, HWP and Donanım Haber and our agency, Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Team. After the pleasant dinner, all participants were presented with their gifts.