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combat arms, combat arms reloaded, fps games, free to play games, pc games, video agency, video production
About This Project

Combat Arms Reloaded Video Production

Combat Arms Reloaded Video Production! Our video work that we have prepared in the scope of our 360-degree marketing activities for the promotion of Combat Arms: Reloaded game, which is the updated version of Combat Arms, the legendary game of VALOFE company. Combat Arms: Reloaded is a free online multiplayer FPS game that has been released on Steam platform on October 31, 2018.
About Combat Arms
Game’s classic and the most played mode. Two teams’ (Alpha-Bravo) struggle to defeat each other. If you die, you will respawn again.
Elimination Pro:
The only difference than Elimination Mode is that Elimination Pro contains rounds. If one of the whole team dies, the other team wins!
One Man Army:
In this mode, everyone is one and everyone tries to kill whoever comes in front of them. Players will respawn back in three seconds after they die.
Search and Destroy:
This mode is played in two teams. A team tries to bomb a specific area and the other tries to prevent it. After you die in this mode, to respawn, you have to wait for the round to finish.
Capture the Flag:
This mode also played in two teams. Your mission is to take the flag of the opposing team and bring it beside your own flag. The team which brings more flag wins.
This mode is played against bots. Your mission is to reach the escape zone by killing the computer-led players.
Quarantine Regen:
This mode is a revolution. Because the mode is the first MMOFPS zombie mode. In Quarantine Regen mode, which is one of the most enjoyable modes, the round is counted backward from 10 at the start of the game. Once the countdown is over, 1 or 2 players become zombies. Zombies must infect other players in 2 minutes and transform them into zombies. Players have to hide and work together because zombies are very strong to deal with alone.
Character Customization
Over 30 real-world weapons, assault rifles, hunting rifles all at your service. Secondary weapons such as various hand grenades, law rockets, and mines are also included in the game. In addition, your soldier can wear various cosmetics such as camouflage, helmet, steel vest, beret, bandana, and sunglasses. New items which can provide you advantages on the battlefield will be added continuously.
Modifiable Weapons:
You can attach equipment to your weapons like silencers, binoculars and expanded clips. Your weapon can be adapted to your specific needs and your task’s needs.
Clan System:
Just because you’re a good soldier doesn’t mean you have to be alone! All the opportunities you need to build the best team, from the management of the candidates to the notifications you have prepared for your members, are all in the game. You can easily find other players ‘ clans through the clan encounters system. And who knows, your clan will be the best clan!
Combat Arms Reloaded Video Production!