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About This Project

Gamesultan Bloodrapper Influencer Marketing Project 4. Influencer marketing project advertisement for Gamesultan, our partner company. Worked with the famous Youtuber in the video series performed by the team of T.I.P Effect Influencer Marketing Agency, one of our brands under the Purple Pan roof. GameSultan’s new site was introduced with all its features.


About The Company- Gamesultan Bloodrapper Influencer Marketing Project




Money Online is Malaysian based brand that is the leading provider of payment electronic payment platform in the distribution of digital products and services.
Four continents serve twelve countries with 970.000 offline distribution channels. It services online payment services with 100 banks in developed and developing countries using e-wallet technology, as well as incorporating telecommunication services into its services, making mobile payment platforms also convenient to use.


Money Online has 60 million transactions a year with an annual payment volume of over $ 300.000 and has been developing and operating payment systems since 2000. MOL, Europe, and MEA region with the aim to spread to Game Sultan in 2013 with the purchase investment has been made. GameSultan brand continues to operate as Turkey’s largest e-pin sales portal and makes e-pin distributorship of more than 20 global companies. The portal has more than 1 million members and more than 100 games, and it is the most preferred e-pin sales portal of Turkey with the payment options offered. Game Sultan is also serving in MENA and European regions outside of Turkey and continues to expand its operations. As part of an international company, our company follows transactions in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and IAS rules. Turkish Taxation System and THP, and Independent Audit processes provided from Big 4 are carried out in annual and 3 month periods. Our company; Deloitte and Touche, an independent auditing company called Big 4 by the world, which has been subject to strict audits and Due Diligence during the purchasing process, has led these processes. Legal supervision and processes are again global brands; Advocacy firms have been conducted by “McKenzie and DLA Piper”.