IGG GAME PR OCTOBER 2018 - Game PR in Turkey
Gaming in Turkey is Gaming Consultation & Marketing Agency. We are offering marketing services specifically tailored for gaming companies.
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About This Project

IGG Game Pr!  With more than 10 years experience in the communications and marketing industry, we know the trick about what makes a good PR pitch. What we know most of all is that effective PR or Digital PR is about what you want from your PR & social media strategy. And PR is only a part of marketing and media plan. Alone itself we never suggest making PR campaigns if your product and your marketing plan is not ready. For IGG, at October 2018 we created a PR strategy including online & offline for big news and only focused on that news; IGG is coming to Turkey with its own office.




IGG Game Pr! As of October 2018, for IGG (I Got Games) we published 42 news in 3 national and local publications, and 39 in online news portals. As of October 2018, the total access of IGG (I Got Games) news published in the print media was 655.551 and the advertising equivalent was 18.446 TL. The advertisement equivalent of the digital news portals is 19,500 $.


IGG Will Employ 100 People in the Turkish Gaming Industry One of the greatest mobile gaming companies IGG is opening an Office in Turkey IGG, headquartered in Singapore and one of the world’s largest mobile gaming companies, will open its 16th office in Turkey. Including Lords Mobile, IGG is planning to manage all its own games from Turkey, Istanbul central office and the company will employ 100 people in total.


IGG (I Got Games), the producer of Lords Mobile, which has long been among the world’s well-established gaming companies and the top 10 on the list of games, is preparing to open its 16th office in Turkey. The company, which opened its office in Dubai last year in December, will start its operational activities in Turkey after December. In addition to Lords Mobile, publishing two new games in the Turkish language in 2019 is one of the company’s main objectives.


100 people will work in Istanbul Office


For the first step, IGG is planning to set up a team of 100 people in its office in Turkey. IGG, which started the recruitment process, mainly in the fields of graphic design and software, will also bring the motion to the Turkish gaming industry.


Provides services in 15 different languages


Headquartered in Singapore, IGG was founded in 2016. With offices in America, China, Canada, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines, the company offers local services and content according to the needs of many regions of the world. IGG’s games in 15 different languages include Castle Clash, Clash of Lords 2, Clash Of Deserts, Battle Mobile etc. most popular mobile games.


IGG started trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange


IGG, which serves more than 200 countries with its games, has been trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 18 October 2013. IGG also owns the publishing platforms Wegames and Pocketlive. IGG Will Employ 100 People in the Turkish Gaming Industry!


IGG Game Pr