Junkyard Tycoon Web Site/Forum/Support System/SEO Gaming in Turkey
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creative agency, destek sistemi, forum sistemi, Junkyard Tycoon, mobile games, SEO, tycoon games, website, website design
About This Project

Junkyard Tycoon Web Site/Forum/Support System/SEO!


  • Web site design, content and coding
  • Creation of the forum system and content management
  • Creation of the support system and responding to player problems
  • Structure of the web site and the entire SEO infrastructure of the forum

Junkyard Tycoon, is a mobile tycoon game made by a Turkish developer. Mainly in Turkey, played by players in dozens of countries in the global. In line with the needs of Junkyard Tycoon in Turkey and the global, we have rolled up our sleeves to provide full support from the web site to forum, support system to search engine optimization and social media as Gaming in Turkey – Gaming and Esports Agency.
Web Site Design, Content and Coding

We started by designing the web site, which is one of the most important needs of Junkyard Tycoon. We have created a simple and informative design, recently seen on mobile gaming websites in the global market, and added a site map that contains wiki content and in-game informations that players need to know about the game. Contents edited according to the site map. In about 10 days, we introduced Junkyard Tycoon’s new website to players with its brand-new content and appearance.
Creation of the Forum System and Content Management

Another important need of Junkyard Tycoon was a forum system. In the Junkyard Tycoon which is an offline game, players needed a common platform to talk to each other, share tactics and ideas. As Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency, we have created a new platform for Junkyard Tycoon players by creating an innovative and useful forum system.
Creation of Support System

Junkyard Tycoon players had a lot of difficulties with forwarding their problems about their gaming experience to the developer. Since there was no support system, they couldn’t find an addressee to solve their problems. We have created a brand new, user-friendly support system as Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency for Junkyard Tycoon players. While creating the support system, our main goal was to provide an easy access for players both in-game and through the website to find answers to their problems.
Structure of the Web Site and the Entire SEO Infrastructure of the Forum

Although Junkyard Tycoon is played by quite a large mobile game audience, was not ranked high in search engines because of the lack of SEO work. We created the new web site and forum system by creating the entire SEO infrastructure from scratch, reached top ranks in search engines for Junkyard Tycoon and related words in a short term.

Junkyard Tycoon with millions of gamers all over the world, is a mobile business simulation game with over 2 million downloads in Google Play Store and App Store.
The basis of the game is that you are a vehicle junkyard manager, purchase damaged second-hand vehicles and dismantle them into pieces. At first, you will be making more revenue by selling the parts that were left from your dismantled vehicles. In the later stages of the game, you can earn even more revenue by repairing buildings around your junkyard business, collecting various materials, and repairing vehicles of your junkyard.