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Gaming in Turkey is Gaming Consultation & Marketing Agency. We are offering marketing services specifically tailored for gaming companies.
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About This Project

MIA Online Turkey Social Media Management

MIA Online Turkey Social Media Management! Whatever the product you’re marketing, it always needs feedback from users. For every industry-independent product and of course for games, the first way to get feedback and support is to contact the social media. Whatever gamers like or hate about the game, they reach you directly from your social media channels. In Turkey and global, the first place to visit before opening a support ticket, has always been social media channels.
MIA Online Turkey Social Media Management

  • Creating Social Media Strategies
  • Social Media Management (Content and Visuals)
  • Social Media Moderation
  • Reporting

With its global success and 100% Turkish content in Turkey, MIA Online Turkey has started preparations as Gaming in Turkey to communicate with players in the last quarter of 2019.
Our first task was to create a social media strategy, of course. To talk with players from the social media pages of our game, what kind of content, in which titles etc. titles were discussed as the first part.
In line with the strategy, we created the content plan of MIA Online Turkey’s social media channels and started sharing it in line with a specific calendar by preparing the visuals according to this content plan and content. Of course, in posts of our social media channels, details about the game and the game’s opening date were the most curious of the question titles. We are also answering questions one by one to anyone who contacts us.