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mia online, mia online türkiye, mmorpg games, mobile games, website design
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mia online, mia online türkiye, mmorpg games, mobile games, website design
About This Project

MIA Online Turkey Website!

  • Web site design, content and coding
  • Making all the SEO infrastructure of the site

MIA Online, one of the most enjoyable MMORPG games of the mobile world, brings detailed character designs, massive open world, story that engulfs players to the challenges and wars between nations. As Gaming in Turkey team on the Turkish representative of MIA Online, we have started to make a website for the needs of the game.
Design, Contents and Coding of the Website

We started by designing the web site of MIA Online which is one of the most important needs of Turkish market. We have also made a simple and informative design that has recently been seen on mobile gaming websites of global. We created a sitemap that contains wiki content and in-game information that players need to know about the game. We also edited the site content according to this sitemap. On average, in a short period of 15 days, we brought together MIA online Turkey’s website with its brand new content and image.
SEO Infrastructure of the Website

MIA Online Türkiye was also had to be found on Google as it prepares to appeal to a huge audience of players with more than 30,000 pre-registrations in the Turkish gaming market. By creating all the SEO infrastructure of the new site from scratch, we have ensured that MIA Online Türkiye and its related words appear in the top positions in the search engines.