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Social Media Management From Gaming In Turkey Gives Direct Communication Between You And Your Customers

Your living channels on the battlefield. Comments, attention, feedback, support. Game Social Media Management bridge to you and your players. Because of this, you have to be careful. Your social media management needs local professionals. With 10 years experience, more than 400 social media channels, pages, Gaming in Turkey experts willing to manage your social media channels. Its a habit for Turkey to be online. Every year Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch TV users are increasing. Your corporate company and also your games must be on social media and controlled by professionals for better games marketing and game community management.

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Products need feedback and social media is the key to reaching your players to get feedback. Whatever they like or hate, they immediately reach you from your social media channels. Before opening a ticket from customer support, social media channels are very common to use. With your attention based posts and announcements, you can take a huge hype and create strategies for spreading. In every social media channel, you need to plan what to do and your aim. Some of them used to reach and take comments, some of them used to be viral and some of them for only post sharing. You don’t need to be on every channel. You have to be in where you target gamers are using. Gaming in Turkey knows what’s best for your product, regional experience educated G.I.T team and they are ready to share.

The social media management addresses the matters such as detecting suitable mediums for the brand/game, creating medium-based daily, weekly, monthly content and projects, responding the comments and complaints on social media and creating reports regarding the comments. There are 4 different service areas for Social Media Management in Gaming in Turkey.

Service Areas For Game Social Media Management

  • Creating Social Media Strategies – Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management (Content and Visuals)
  • Game Community Management
  • Social Media Moderation ( 7 / 24)
  • Reporting – Weekly & Monthly Reports
  • Social Media Campaigns & Budget Management
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