Hello from (y)our Gaming Consultancy & Marketing Agency Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU! We are again here to share with you good news from e-sport (super massive), news from us and gaming industyr in Turkey. Last week we celebrated our partner Netcom Media’s 12th year in advertisement business! We are a baby and Netcom is our big brother. Together we are ruling gaming business in Turkey. If you want to communicate with your Turkish audience, your regional partners and collaborations, and don’t want to miss opportunities, you know what to do, mail us!

One of the China’s well known game company, visited Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU office and took some information about our works, collaboration opportunities and Turkey’s growing power. While we were mailing chinese companies, one of them visiting, made us happy, because its more important to talk with face to face rather than mailing. Its important to describe Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU’s experience, specially dedicated to gaming business about 7 years, made 32 game publishing and created a portal, more than 40 million visit in a month. We prefer face to face talks, because of this, we are preparing our agency to Gamescom and maybe China Joy.

This year our Founder and Managing Partner Ozan Aydemir will be in exhibitions for representing his own company. This year, game exhibitions mean to us differently. We will talk with companies about Turkey, game business and opportunities about our region as a Consultancy and Marketing Agency. Turkey has a young population, accourding to Turkey’s Statistical Institute, in 2015, %16.5 of population were young, internet usage is %55 of total population. Average of Turkey’s age is 29.6, according to World Median Ages in 2015, Turkey is younger than European countries. There are some chances that game companies can’t underestimate.

Our last news in Esport success from Turkey. League of Legends seasonal finalists SuperMassive, won International Wildcard Invitational (IWCI). After they won Turkey finals against Beşiktaş Esport Club, they went to Wildcart Invitational. After group mathes, they were in first standing and at final they beat Hard Final 3vs1 and get Mid Season Invitationl (MSI) ticket. At May, they will fight with 5 regional champions from China, Korea, North America and LMS (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Makao) in China to qualify 2016 World Championship. We are sending all our prays to see them as a champion of League of Legens World Championship.