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Game Translation is among the most important first steps of publishing a game!

Turkish players wants to play games in Turkish and progress in the game by understanding every single word. Having proper Turkish language support is very important to be successful in this market. In addition to Turkish players, all gamers wants to progress in their language always. However, in the game business, some publishers and developers assume English is global language and everyone needs to know it. So they don’t think about translation in the first step and open their product to the region with it’s original language. In this way, they can prevent a budget increase in first hand but day by day, user acquisition getting harder and harder. Because it’s very important to make players login, but its more important to make them replay it.

Translation Services - Gaming In Turkey Gaming Agency


The literal translation is not enough to keep the players’ loyalty to the game. The aim of Gaming in Turkey is to kindle the interest of Turkish players and present a high quality and fun game experience by providing a translation (better than the standard agency) precisely carried out and adapted in line with various aspects. For Gaming in Turkey, the key is, to know gamers language. All translations can’t be same, you need to know the game genre and proper translations. It’s better to take control of translation at the start. After implementation, it’s hard to control every detail from the beginning and need extra work time, effort, manpower to language QA. Chinese, Korean, English or Japanese… Whatever the source material is, Gaming in Turkey is ready to present the most beautiful stories to Turkish players with its team, composed of gamers. Gaming in Turkey localizes games of all complexities and all genres for all platforms including PC, Mobile, Console, Online, Offline or MMO. We localize not only games; also mobile apps, websites and online platforms if needed. Whether your game is a story-rich RPG, FPS or a mobile game makes a vast difference in how the game should be localized. Gaming in Turkey appreciates these differences, genres, your target platform(s) and your game’s potential players and community throughout the localization and translation process. Gaming in Turkey presents you a perfect Turkish Game Localization Services & Turkish Game Translation Services.

Service Areas for Game Translation

  • English To Turkish
  • English To Arabic
  • Arabic To Turkish
  • German To Turkish
  • Korean To English
  • Korean To Turkish
  • Chinese To English
  • Chinese To Turkish
  • Japanese To Turkish
  • Proofreading
  • QA After Implementation

You can contact for other languages with Gaming in Turkey and support your product with the proper language for the region.

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