2020 has been a year that we will not want to remember, not only for our country, also for the entire world. The Covid era showed us that (wish it never happened); some markets adapted very quickly to digital transformation, while some markets gone upside down. Even if it was about health, it affected our entire lives! From education to health, the whole world, including Turkey, has given and continues to give a great test.

We are in an uncertain period both in terms of our social life and economically. We can’t predict exactly what the new conditions will be. This period has shown us that digital transformation, which is our inevitable future, seems to be a part of our lives much faster after this test. The important word here, in our opinion, is the concept of “SPEED”. Those who adapt quickly to technology will survive. Not only that, but those who use technology and the digital world to be “SPEED” will take a step forward. Companies that are innovative and can keep up with this pace of change will play a more active role in the face of innovations and possible problems that may arise.

After the pandemic, our lives will eventually return to its normal flow, but it will take time, and perhaps the process we call “normal flow” today will become a more digitized normal. Well, time will tell. We will continue to stay in the game and with the game no matter what.

Dear industry friends! It’s time to share a new version of our game market report. As gaming and esports agency Gaming in Turkey, we have completed the 2020 version of the market report, which consists of information about the gaming market of Turkey. In 2020, a wide range of information is available, from the population of Turkey to the number of gamers, from annual revenues in the gaming market to investments, from internet cafes to streaming phenomena, from expert opinions to the most popular games. We believe that this information will be very useful for companies and brands from every market that want to invest in the future. We hope there will always be an information guide for not only firms and brands, but also for our young people and universities that they can apply for. If you want to examine the report with all the details, just fill out the form below.

For more detailed information about the Turkey game market and marketing work related to your products, you can always contact us by sending an email to info@gaminginturkey.com address. In the hope of the market will always grow…


In the 2020 version of the Turkey Game Market Report, which we have prepared with great care for 5 years and interpreted data published from many sources, we thank our sponsors who have been supported us.

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    The report, prepared by Gaming in Turkey Gaming Agency and Esports Agency, with the statistics and information of 2019 Turkey Game Market is presented to you below.With this report, brands will have the chance to see the main topics that make up the sector such as games, players, esports teams in the Turkish game and esports ecosystem.In order to support the 2020 or long-term investments of the brands, the prominent game and esports figures in the country and the mass they can reach are given in detail. Now we are all part of the digital age. Conventional advertising channels have started to be replaced by digital. One of the most important channels you can reach youngsters is Game World! But you have to do it in the right knowhow, with the right partners, and in the right way. While preparing a road map for your brand or products, we believe that this report will be a tool to help you all. We wish you to read it with pleasure.


    The Gaming & Esports Agency of Turkey, Gaming in Turkey, brings out a perspective of the country for the game developers and publishers with the Turkey Game Market Report 2019. With this report, you will be able to find the Turkish gaming industry in a number of titles, from the population of Turkey to the internet cafe distributions, from the most well-known payment companies to the mobile gaming lists in terms of downloads/incomes. The information contained in this report is for general information purposes and Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency does not intend to provide any advice or services in conjunction with this report. This report, which is prepared to help you make decisions before you invest, is intended to be supportive. It is recommended that you consult a competent professional specialist/company before making your investment decisions.