Turkey Game Market Report Expert Views Part 1

turkey game market report expert views part 1

Turkey Game Market Report Expert Views Part 1! As you know, we published Turkey Game Market Report 2019 a short time ago. Because of your interest in the report that contains a lot of data about Turkey once again thank you very much. As you know, we have included the opinions of many experts this year in our report. Here we wanted to share with you piece by piece.

Turkey Game Market Report Expert Views Part 1

Esports, which is also defined as the sport of the future, is a rapidly developing field in our country as it is around the world. 2019 was a year in which important steps were taken in this sense, we continued our efforts to make our country a world brand in esports with the awareness of our responsibility with clubs, teams, and federations, and we took positive feedbacks. As the federation, we have done a lot of successful work in 2019. We have signed a cooperation protocol with the Ministry of National Education, which is an important step for the development of esports in Turkey and the proper orientation of the young generation. For the first time in Turkey, we held the Esports Workshop, which brought together all the stakeholders of the subject and where all aspects of esports were discussed. Again, Turkey’s first official esports tournament, which is an important step for esports to become official, was held for the first time under the name of “TESFED Vodafone Freezone Turkey Cup”.

ERDİNÇ İYİKUL – Director of PublIshIng Riot Games
As one of the biggest players in the market, we closely follow all the dynamics of our ecosystem. The gaming industry has grown at remarkable rates every year, making it one of the largest markets in the world. As Riot Games, we are creating our strategy by closely following player expectations both as game types and platforms. FPS game development, mobile, and console investments are the most important indicator of this. To mention the esports side, we have been leading the ecosystem with our investments in League of Legends Esports for years in Turkey. The development of esports in our country has reached remarkable levels, especially with the establishment of a professional league structure named Vodafone FreeZone Championship League in 2015. As Riot Games, we have the first and largest professional structure in the country with our activities in the last 8 years. We continue to make important investments to train the stars of the future esports world in our country. The university business associations and the Academy League brought our server to Turkey with an investment of TL 10 million in 2017, and Riot Games Esports Stage, which is Europe’s greatest and first esports center in Turkey, opened the gates for gamers on January 19, 2019, can be considered as our investments.

In Turkey, esports has spread rapidly and reached a large mass, especially in recent years. Our teams achieved remarkable results in international competitions. These achievements had contributed to the industry considerably and created new opportunities for amateur gamers. Today, there are over 15 thousand amateur esports teams in Turkey. Approximately 80 teams are licensed by the federation. We will observe the growth of this number in the next years. Monster Notebook is always supportive of games and gamers, we are sure that we will observe many other successes in the international arena. Globally, there are over 1 billion people playing digital games. Esports is expected to be among the top 10 most-watched sports branches around the world. By 2019, gaming market revenues passed 152 billion dollars. As of 2022, these numbers are expected to reach 196 billion dollars. The Turkish market is the eighteenth largest gaming market in the global ranking, which is growing rapidly. Turkey is the leader in its region with its 1 billion dollars gaming market. Just like any other field, our country has great potential in gaming as well. Considering the 13 million young population, Turkey is a wonderful opportunity for attracting investors. There are nearly 30 million gamers. We are aware of this great potential. As Monster Notebook, we will continue our contributions to the gaming ecosystem.

Especially in 2019, we can say that Razer Gold attracted attention by Turkish gamers and that we were very pleased with this exponentially increasing interest in the short term. Razer Gold, which creates more advantageous purchasing power for millions of users all over the world; also in 2020’s Turkey, will be signing on greater projects and brand partnerships. With the development of the Turkish Game Market, we aim to help local companies that want to open up to the global. For this, we will meet with local game companies in 2020 to create Razer Gold opportunities to benefit from its global power. I believe that the Turkish Game Market will surpass the 1 billion dollar threshold targeted by this process and will become one of the world’s major game markets. I have no doubt that, as Razer Gold, the leading payment system of 2020, with projects that will be the permanent supporter of the Turkish Game Market, we will have a year full of advantages and surprises with our members.

Since our founding in 2012 until today, as ininal, we have been the payment method that players love and use the most. By understanding the game and the needs of the player, we have made it our mission to ensure that in-game payments are made safely and in a user-friendly way. In line with this mission, we have become the most accessible payment method for players with more than 20 thousand sales points and 75 thousand top-up points. We think that esports has great potential for the game industry. Researches confirm this prediction. 2020 will be an important turning point for the global esports market. According to the data; the esports market will grow over 26 percent this year, and the volume created in Turkey is expected to exceed $1 billion. It is precisely for this reason, we are very pleased to give the name ininal as the main sponsor of the biggest esports arena of Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East. ininal Esports Arena, with a capacity of 1600 people, on an area of 3,800 square meters, will offer the opportunity to perform tournaments with 100 players on the same stage. ininal Esports Arena is including; 4K resolution and 70 square meters LED screen, broadcast room and studios, team and referee rooms, VIP lounge, seminar and meeting rooms, specially reserved areas for broadcasters and social media influencers, cafes and catering areas for the audience and also 120 m2 pop-up stores and exhibition areas. ininal Esports Arena will also host a giant game center with 80 gaming computers and about 850 square meters of experience areas that will allow direct contact with the visitors for brands. ininal Esports Arena will become the game center of Turkey, Europe, and even the Middle East, with all these features and privileges. All gamers are welcome to ininal Esports Arena, which will open at the end of February 2020.