Turkey Game Market Report Expert Views Part 6

Turkey Game Market Report Expert Views Part 6

Turkey Game Market Report Expert Views Part 6! We continue to share the opinions of valuable experts with you. To see the full Turkey Game Market Report; click the link.

Turkey Game Market Report Expert Views Part 6

DAN TANASESCU – EU Product Marketing Manager World of Warships
In 2019, our expansion into the rapidly growing Turkish gaming market marked a year of discovery for World of Warships. Finding people and companies to drive this discovery forward was our pinnacle of the year. We learned a lot about Turkey and its passionate gaming community, and in doing we witnessed Turkey develop to be the 5th fastest-growing European audience for World of Warships. We take pride in the trust given to us by our Turkish players, as for World of Warships and Wargaming.net, success thrives through its community. For us, the player comes first and foremost, and that’s why for 2020 we are committed to having a bigger presence in Turkey with more local player gatherings and participation in Turkish Gaming Conferences. Behind the regular marketing activities, we believe that meeting our players face-to-face brings us a bigger value than just showing them a branded banner or video. We look forward to seeing you in Turkey in 2020.

In terms of mobile games, 2019 has been a year of a growing, increasing market with new competitive members of the market. In terms of the Turkish market, it was a year in which local studios and foreign investments were placing at the top. In our country, as in the rest of the world, there have been serious changes and developments. Interest in the gaming industry, especially in mobile game development, has grown. As Vertigo Games, we have increased our investments and doubled team members to evaluate this period even more actively and to strengthen our position. Investing in individuals has been our most important path to follow in 2019. In the mobile FPS/TPS category, Critical Strike had giant competitors like Call of Duty. Starting with PUBG, the mobile migration of desktop games increasing competition as well as creating new opportunities. A significant part of desktop players will join the mobile gaming world and the chart will grow even bigger. That’s why every major competitor that enters the mobile gaming industry is also a bigger opportunity for us. As Vertigo, we put these thoughts into practice and in 2019, we increased our CCU four times while reaching 20 million players. 2019 was a pretty dynamic and productive year both for us and other mobile studios. It is clear that this will continue to increase in 2020. Our goal is to reach 100 million players and take our growth to another level.

CENK ÇELEBİOĞLU – Founder Composer 25m2
As a PC game lover since childhood, I follow the developing technology and productions very closely. It is another memory of having followed the games from monthly magazines and playing games with cassettes and discs from stores when there was no internet… But I am very happy with the explosion in gaming with the presence of platforms that support independent game developers. So we had a chance to experience different minds, different ideas. It offered the opportunity of selecting, downloading and playing instantly what we wanted out of countless games. Now it’s time for the online stream gaming platforms we’ve been looking for. On the other hand, the most important thing for me is that games are the reason I started music at an early age. My journey, which began with the Commodore 64 and the Amiga, continues today with evolving technology. Having witnessed how wonders can be created with only 4 channels, I think today is the greatest chance to be presented to someone who can produce music with unlimited channels. Because the idea is the main thing, and then the importance of applying that idea in a perfect way becomes a better understanding. For this reason, besides the soundtracks of movies and commercials, the place of making the music of Zula and Osmanlı Savaşları (Ottoman Wars) games has a different place for me. We’re witnessing great game music equally good as film soundtracks. The music of these productions is of the same quality. Increased number of producers, growing gamer audience, rise in quality is incredibly exciting and inspiring for someone like me who is both consuming and producing. See you in the new game music!

ERGİN YAVUZOL – Country Sales Manager BENQ
ÖYKE CAN ASAAD – Esports Marketing Executive BENQ
In consideration of the mass communication and engagement, to interpret the rise of the concept of esports as coincidental or underestimating the popularity of esports among the Y, Z and Alpha generations is a huge mistake to make. According to that, we supported university and college events and the esports arenas in the region to strengthen our relationship with the youth who is interested in esports. Also, via the experience events we held in Istanbul, we gave instructions about our products and information about how to choose the right equipment for the esports enthusiasts. Together with the launch of our new performance-focused products in 2020, we are focusing to increase the number of our operations to support esports enthusiasts more. Like all the other branches in sports, esports as well as a performance-based branch and created numberless of inspirational stories, unforgettable moments and legends. As BenQ Zowie, we are aiming to produce esports equipment to support esports enthusiasts to increase their performance to the top in their esports journey.

In 2019, we witnessed the rapid rise of indie games designed by local developers, with a growing interest in gamer communities. The market has become more active, especially with foreign investor’s investments in local companies. We have learned so much and we keep continue while serving gaming industries leading global companies for 5 years. Companies have begun to design and develop games with feedbacks from players while adopting more agile and efficient resource management to increase their efficiency, both in reducing costs and increasing player satisfaction. Now, game companies in Europe and MENA regions prefer to cooperate with us not only to provide player support, but also for esports, community pages, social media administrations, game contents, quest translations, and even in-game purchase packages. As Teleperformance, we share our knowledge and best practices with our business partners and design their player experiences together. We offer services not only in Turkish but also in different languages. In the digital world, we are in, chat and mail are among the most preferred channels for the gaming industry.

I witnessed improvements in the Turkish Game Market and it gives me pleasure. We finished baby steps and started to move forward to 2019 with bigger and stronger steps. After the Turkish Esports Federation establishment, esports is more trustable and became a trusted area for brands. In 2019, they created some milestones for Esports and will change the view of families and companies. On the other hand, increased numbers of local game companies give us some ideas about the game industry for Turkey, we also pointed out this in our Turkish Game Market Report 2019. According to data from 2018, numbers increased nearly triple. It shows that this impact will continue in 2020 as well. Our expectations about the esports and game industry for 2020 are high and thinking about revenues will beat 1 billion USD. After expanding the cell phone market in Turkey, game companies will start to produce mid-core mobile games and this will also increase revenues and game development. Turkey has the youngest population when we check European countries and it will continue in 2020 too. The game audience is 1 of 3rd when we look to the population of the country and it will also affect new game companies to open their games in Turkey and it will also expand the industry. Gaming in Turkey has also lots of plans for 2020 and for the near future. The most important one is opening Gaming in MENA office. We are excited to open Mena to our clients and many more game companies to let them work in Mena countries to reach more players. I wish 2020 will bring more success, happiness, and profit for all of us!