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Gaming in Turkey is Gaming Consultation & Marketing Agency. We are offering marketing services specifically tailored for gaming companies.
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Who We Are;

With  more than 10 years of experience, Online Game Professionals meet under one roof; “Gaming in Turkey”

“Media Hub for Gaming and Marketing Agency – Gaming Agency & Esports Agency based in Turkey.”

We are industry experts in the fields of game marketing, game operations, games localization,

player support, localization, community management, social media management, esports organizations, art design etc.

But this is not the answer to the question Who We Are 🙂 So let’s begin to introduce us!


Founder & Dreamer

Ozan Aydemir worked as the Marketing Director of Netmarble Turkey between 2009-2015 September (Producer (2009) / Joygame VP (2010) / Marketing Director 2011). Between 2008-2009, he founded his own Advertisement Company “Gerilla”; served around 20 companies for one year. From 2002 to 2009, he worked as the Creative Director of Kare Advertisement Company – serving over 100 companies. From 2000 to 2002 he worked as a writer for TBWA Advertisement Company. After graduating from the Faculty of Management at Istanbul University, he completed his master’s program in Radio and Television Department at Marmara University. He follows Bill Bernbach’s advertisement philosophy as a working model.


Head of Gaming In Turkey

Uluç Ali Kırangil started his career in an advertisement company, Kare Ajans, as a writer in 2004. After 5 years and serving 70+ companies, in 2009, he changed his position and moved to a gaming company, Joygame, as a producer. While his journey continued in Joygame, he was a producer of several games and in 2013, he was promoted to Senior Product Manager. After 1 year, he became a Group Product Manager and was responsible for 2 of the best FPS games in the EMEA region. In 2015, Joygame became a Netmarble company and after several months, he decided to continue with new opportunities in the gaming sector. He is also a system engineer, graduated from Yeditepe University in 2005. He is a game lover, cinema fan, soundtrack and figure addict.


Head of Operations & Finance

Elif Ceylaner, after finishing Marmara Universtiy econometrics bachelors and operations research masters, worked as an HR manager at Barsan Global Logistics for 11 years. After Barsan, she worked as the HR manager of TÜV Nord Turkey for 2 years, then later decided to embrace her entrepreneurial side and founded Bebegiminlistesi.com. Within this site, she provided baby shower registry and shopping opportunities to mothers. She is also continuing her Ph.D. in operations research at Marmara University. She is an avid researcher, especially on literature, where she also writes and presents her own literary works from time to time. She works as the head of business development at GiT, where she produces new projects, finds and contacts new clients, and fully manages the accounting and finance department.


Head of Social Media & PR

Batuhan Özmen met the game industry at 2012 August in one of the leader gaming companies based in Turkey, Joygame, as a Gamemaster. After some time, he discovered his social media interests and become a Community Manager in Joygame. He participated in dozens of projects and made social media managing in MMORPGs and MMOSPORTs games which are leading the gaming sector in Turkey. After 2 years he became a Social Media Team Leader and operated 8 people on his team. After Joygame integrated with one of the largest and biggest game companies of Asia, Netmarble, Batuhan became a MarCom Specialist. He is studying management in Anadolu University. He likes to play new games, discover new worlds, search and lead digital projects. He is our one man army!


Head of Design

Begüm Özgirgin graduated from the Department of Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design in Bahçeşehir University in 2013 with a high degree of honors. Throughout her training, he worked as an intern at the advertising agency Happy People Project and Digiturk. After her training, she went to Cambridge for language training for 2 months. After returning, she worked as a freelance for 1 year. In February 2015, she entered the gaming industry as a Graphic Designer at Joygame / Netmarble. After working here for 1.5 years, she joined the Purple Pan / GIT family in August 2016. In a business full of brand new adventures, dungeons and PvP, she will continue to fight to the last drop of her HP!


Game Master – Digital Marketing Specialist

Here comes a new Challenger!


Head of Strategy

After graduating from Robert College, Ahmet Aydemir studied psychology and sociology at Koç University, finished his MBA and Ph.D. on organizational behavior at Boğaziçi University (and Ghent University with Erasmus), he started working as the HR coordinator of TÜV Nord Turkey. After more than 2 years, he moved on to MEF University, where he built the professional development / career center department. He also instructed Business Communication classes within the business administration department at the university. Moreover, he worked voluntarily as a communications trainer for TEGV for 4 years. Aside from his official career, he writes, conducts and performs his own songs in Turkish, hoping to built on that in the near future. He works as the Head of Strategy for GiT, consulting the company and its employees on key decisions to be made and sectoral future directions to be taken.


Head of Digital

Entrepreneur, creative director and digital marketing expert with 20 years of broad experience in online marketing, communications, and technologies. Experienced in leading teams, working as an innovator and consulting. He entered to the digital world as a designer  at MagiClick Digital Solution in 1999. In 2007 he became Creative Director at Project House. Then he worked at Pure New Media, Leo Burnett Istanbul, Sütaş Grup, Runaway Interactive respectively. In 2012 he founded his own Advertisement Company “Adversoup” served lots of companies. In 2016 he joined to Gaming In Turkey family as Head of Digital.


Game Master – Social Media Specialist

Here comes a new Challenger!


Digital Marketing Specialist

Here comes a new Challenger!


Digital Marketing Specialist


Buss. Development and Marketing Specialist