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We create special projects for many brands from different sectors in Turkey and the Middle East, in the verticals of gamification, gaming, esports, and the metaverse world.

Why Do Brands Collaborate with Games?, How to Enter the Gaming and Esports Industry?, How Should Brands Be Integrated into Gaming and Esports?, What is the Importance of Esports for Brands? Entering to Metaverse. We believe that we always answer such questions in the best way possible. Let’s level up your brand.

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Gaming and Esports For Brands - Metaverse

Our Services

A to Z Gaming and Esports Consulting

Turnkey Consulting

  • Detailed Learning of the GAME Ecosystem
  • Detailed Learning of the ESPOR Ecosystem
  • Pros and Cons in the Industry
  • Preparation of the Whole Strategy
  • Strategy Management
  • Preparation of the Whole Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Plan and Budget Management
  • Partnership Studies
  • Sales Targeted Work

The budget (Monthly Agency Fee) is created according to the needs and workforce of the brand.

Let Your Brand Reach Players

  • Gaming and Esports Vertical: Press Bulletins are shared on gaming, esports, and technology sites. (Target group)
  • Guaranteed Sharing: Every press bulletin prepared is shared on all our sites with a guarantee.
  • The contents of the press bulletins are carefully prepared by our team.
  • All published bulletins are followed and content and backlink controls are made.
  • After the service of the bulletins, all links are sent to our brands as a report.
  • Package Options: Price per newsletter, packages of 25, 40, 60, and 80 sites.

The budget is created according to the package chosen by the brand.

Let Your Brand Speak in the Language of the Player

  • The language of the game and the player is different. You cannot communicate with them like a normal customer. You have to be players like them and make them feel that you are with them.
  • We take care of all the details of social media, from player-specific designs to creative and engaging ideas for your brand.
  • Creating a Player-Oriented Social Media Strategy
  • Managing Player-Oriented Social Media Operations
  • Preparation of Social Media Creatives for the Player
  • Preparation of Player-Oriented Social Media Contents
  • Management of Social Media Calendar
  • Player-Oriented Social Media Campaigns and Budget Management
  • Weekly and Monthly Reports

The budget (Monthly Agency Service Fee) is created according to the needs and workforce of the brand.

Let Gamer Influencers Be With Your Brand

  • We bring your brand together with gamer influencers on Youtube, Twitch TV, Instagram, Facebook Gaming, TikTok, and all other platforms.
  • We create special projects on different broadcast and video platforms by creating strategies specific to your brand.
  • We support the project with creative ideas that will attract the attention of the players, not just the use of influencers.
  • We track and report all our influencer projects from start to finish.

Budgets are determined according to the influencer project, the strategy to be created, the number of influencers, and the influencers.

Tournaments Bringing Your Brand to the Gamers

  • Internal Tournaments for Your Employees (Increase Employee Satisfaction)
  • Tournaments for Your Customers (Bring Youth Together with Your Brand)
  • Tournaments or Leagues of Popular Games – PUBG, CS: GO, New State, CODM, PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, Fifa, etc…
  • All services related to Tournament Organization are provided by our team;
    • Social Media, Online / Offline Creative Designs
    • Website and Registration System Development
    • Online Tournament Operation – Referees
    • Tournament Live Broadcast
    • Announcer and Director Staff
    • Infrastructure – Internet (When Necessary)
    • Presenter / Casters

Get Your Brand in the Game – Metaverse

  • Would you like to have your brand experienced in the game, in the world of the players? We are ready to bring your brand together with Head Ball 2, Sanalika, Roblox, and many other games. We bring together the most suitable metaverse worlds for your brand.
  • With the Game Code projects, we can increase your sales and gain awareness with the gift codes that will come out of your products.
  • In different games, we can plan in-game fiction with creative ideas that will be prepared specifically for your brand and connect your brand to the story of the game.
  • We can increase awareness by positioning your brand in advertising areas in different games.
  • With our in-game programmatic advertising model, we can set up CPM-based measurable advertisements by using the advertisement spaces within the games in our system.
  • We can prepare special projects for brands preparing for the metaverse.

Please contact for details.

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Special Services

You can find the details of our services such as playable brand ads to support your digital ads, Twitch TV special Livestream system, in-game programmatic advertising, metaverse projects for brands, and licensed game products for your brand from our presentations below.

Gaming and Esports For Brands - Livestream Marketing Youtube and Twitch TV Host

Smart Live Stream

Twitch TV

We connect brands to influencers with the state-of-the-art live broadcast system. Reach hundreds of influencers by creating an advertising campaign in just 4 steps! Your Campaign Goal, Target Audience Definition, Campaign Images and we are online!

Gaming and Esports For Brands - Fortnite Modes For Brands

Be in Fortnite

With Your Brand

We create custom experiences for brands in Fortnite and offer them to enter a magical world. We are ready for you to stand out with your brand in the Fortnite universe and offer an interactive experience to your target audience, young people with different game modes.

Gaming and Esports For Brands - Tailor Made Tournaments For Brands


Packages For Brands

Brand-specific tournaments, live broadcasts. Tailor-made tournaments in the game of your choice, ready-made packages from A to Z, from visual design to operation, from tournament live broadcasts to tournament management…

Gaming and Esports For Brands - Head Ball 2 In-Game Ads

Head Ball 2 In Game

Brand Projects

Head Ball 2, one of the most played mobile football games in Turkey, offers you,  interactive advertising models, enabling your brand to reach young people with different packages and interaction options. Code Projects, Branded Events and many more.

Gaming and Esports For Brands - Sanalika In-Game Ads


Special Brand Projects

In the virtual world with more than one million users, we develop both in-game and non-game special projects for our brands. It will be very enjoyable to promote your brand in this cute world. Let’s develop a new world for your brand in Sanalika; Social Network Game.

Gaming and Esports For Brands - In Game Programmatic Ads

In-Game Programmatic


With our in-game programmatic advertising solutions, which are included in different online games for both mobile and PC and especially ROBLOX, you can reach millions of players with CPM-based ads directly in the games they play. Be in the metaverse with technology!

Gaming and Esports For Brands - Next Generation Playable Ads

Playable Ads

For Brands and Games

Level up your brand promotion with playable digital ads. The only thing you need to do for playable ad models that you can use in your digital ads is to contact us. We take care of the development and the rest! Playable Ads, Interactive Endcards, Branded HTML5 Games.

Gaming and Esports For Brands - PR Packages

Brand and Game

PR Packages

Digital PR (Public Relations), Seeding & Viral Pages, Conventional PR, Telegram, Medium, Podcasts, Influencer Projects, Corporate PR, Press Conferences / Invitations, Launch / Online – Offline, Game Exhibition Participation, Player Meetings, Meet & Greet…

Game IP Licencing For Merchandising

Brand Exclusive

Licensed Products

We bring together world-famous game companies’ favorite games, in-game characters and content that will add value to your brand. We are ready to be a bridge between brands and games. Toys & Games, Fashion & Home, FMCG and more. Lets start!