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About This Project

Black Desert Game PR October 2018! PR studies for the Black desert game in October 2018. In October we published our bulletin for Black Desert, which deals with Halloween Content. Our main goal started with a single newsletter in October, on behalf of more intensive dissemination of news in all gaming sites in Turkey was making preparations for the next several months. The bulletin was published more than 20 game magazine websites.


As content, we’ve included innovations that come into play for Halloween.


Turkey’s MMORPG Game Black Desert celebrates Halloween with its costumes and special events!


Black Desert Game PR October 2018


Candy or Joke! Halloween Nightmare Ghost monster spooks fear in the world of Black Desert with special powers to the levels.


Halloween witches, pumpkins and special gift boxes in the game!


The Keeper of Mirumok Offin is waiting for heroes to challenge him!


Turkey’s most acclaimed MMORPG Black Desert Online, apart from special events and celebrating Halloween costume. These special contents starting on October 17 will continue until October 31st. Halloween’s witches took their place and offered special costumes to adventurers only in this period. Halloween Nightmare Ghost Monster Spook can be threatened for everyone that can appear anywhere. Special prizes are waiting for heroes who find and defeat Spook.


Game PR in Turkey;
Game PR in Turkey! Putting media in the best possible condition to cover your games, giving visibility, organic traffic, access and transparency with less possible PR jargon involved but tangible fact. We are creating campaigns that are simple, integrated, conscious of changes in the media landscape to achieve measurable results. As Gaming in Turkey, we are offering a non-formulaic approach to public relations based on creating a strategic planning, ROI, and clear, measurable, objectives. Based on the strong relationship with media/ game media / digital media / offline media/influencers, Gaming in Turkey is representing you., just send a mail to us and learn more.