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booth design, game agency, game booth design, game event, Game Exhibition Operations, game operations, gaming agency, offline event
About This Project

Game Exhibition Operations and Game Booth Design! Gaming in Turkey GameX Game Booth & Inception Marketing in the Gaming Industry.



Gaming in Turkey GameX Game Booth & Inception Marketing in the Gaming Industry. As you know there was GameX 2018 between 6 to 9th of September. GameX International Digital Game and Entertainment Exhibition is one of the biggest game exhibition here in Turkey with GIST Gaming Istanbul.

Normally we did not have a plan to participate GameX as gaming & esports agency, because as you know most of the time we participate to B2B events & organization to explain our services, Turkey Game Market etc. But this time we created a new idea which helps all ecosystem of the gaming industry; Inception Marketing! The reason to create such an idea and take all responsibility was helping our partners & clients, finding for the most cost-effective ways to promote their games.

Participating in a game event is always good to increase brand awareness, installs, the loyalty of the fans etc. But its always good to find a cost-effective way as we did. You don’t need to spend so much money if you don’t have a big marketing budget. The idea of inception marketing started from this point on. We bring big brands together and created a mobile game zone with 6 games; cosplays, events, and tournaments. More powerful together, more cost-effective and more fan in one place. As Gaming in Turkey team we took all responsibility and took care from A to Z;

We started to work with booth design. It has to be clear, simple but also stylish! We tried many designs and at the end of the day, we choose “white” as the main color. We focused mostly on our partner’s brands instead of the main concept.

The design of our stand was both stylish and simple. On this count, the six-game brands we have hosted are on the foreground. Both the visuals and the logos were very elegant in white.

Game Exhibition Operations and Game Booth Design! Of course, this was just the first part of the job. We immediately made a list of things to do for 4 days; who will take part in the game exhibition, who will be our cosplays, how many outsourcers will help us, what time will be hours, day to day activities, promo codes, printouts etc. From this point on we started to make our creative designs some of the posters and cut-outs directly came from our partners;

At the end of the 20 day preparation period, a very nice stand appeared. During for days nearly all Gaming in Turkey team participated in the event and support our partner’s events, shared promo codes, made tournaments, explained the games to new players.

At the end of 4 days, yes we became very tired and I’m proud of Gaming in Turkey Gaming & Esports Agency team. They really deserve the best. I salute you.

We also supported our offline organization with online and offline press releases;

Game Exhibition Operations and Game Booth Design! 


The Games that we present at GameX

  1. Arena Of Valor – Tencent
  2. Lords Mobile – IGG
  3. Fetih – IGG
  4. Muhteşem Osmanlı – ONEMT
  5. Love Dance – Cubinet
  6. PATH Of Heroes – Tricksy Games


Game Exhibition Operations and Game Booth Design! For more pictures please visit this link