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Gaming in Turkey is Gaming Consultation & Marketing Agency. We are offering marketing services specifically tailored for gaming companies.
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We created everything for Hounds; localization, media plan, marketing, pr, UI&UX, media production, voice overs

europe, gaming agency, Gaming in Turkey, global game marketing, hounds, marketing, mea, turkey
About This Project



“Projects, our team has been involved and led.”


Hounds Global! Hounds The Last Hope was launched at April 17th globally following the success of Japan and Korea market. The game combines RPG and Action dynamics successfully and with its new generation graphics, the story which is supported by cutscenes and PVP modes.


We created everything from A to Z;

  • Global positioning; Turkey, Europe (Germany, UK, Polan, Spain, Italy), MEA
  • Localization; for Turkey, for Europe, for MEA
  • UI & UX; for Turkey, for Europe, for MEA
  • Marketing Plan; for Turkey, for Europe, for MEA
  • 360 Degree Marketing; for Turkey, for Europe, for MEA
  • Media Plan; for Turkey, for Europe, for MEA
  • Media Production; for Turkey, for Europe, for MEA
  • PR; for Turkey, for Europe, for MEA
  • Voice Overs; for Turkey, for Europe, for MEA


At Europe;

  • 389 articles were published by 165 publications between March 08 – July 22.
  • 89% of articles are news / assests followed by competition / giveaways (5%).
  • Tone of voice for articles is mostly Neutral (76%).
  • Total reach of articles is 166.935.392