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About This Project

Love Dance Game Video Production / Mobile Game Video Production! You can make new friends, dance with hundreds of popular music and find the couple you are looking for with Love Dance, the # 1 mobile dance, music, and friendship game in the world, which is video production work we have prepared internally for Mobile Dance Game. If you want to be a dancing star, you can immediately download Love Dance from Google Play or the App Store by clicking on the links below. 


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Game Video Production! Love Dance is a mobile dancing and social game where you can express yourself and meet new friends! The game carries a real-time communication platform which allows users to reach their friends, upload photos and send private voice chats. Why seek your soulmate outside your country when you’ll see million of love dancers within your vicinity? Your choice of ONE TRUE LOVE has no limit! Meet and greet all love dancers around the world without creating a new account for the new server! Tons of fashion apparels to choose from! You can even craft your own apparel inside the game! International pop? KPOP? CPOP? Hip-hop? Rock? We got you all covered!