3th International Mobile Gaming Awards IMGA Continues!  In Amman, Jordan, Third Middle East and North Africa Mobile Gaming Awards IMGA continues to take applications.

After the success of the first two events, the Middle East and North Africa International Mobile Gaming Awards announced that they will evaluate mobile games released by the developers for the third year.

The event is organized with the partnership of regions’ leading mobile network operator Zain and mobile game development publishing company Maysalward. The jury session and ceremony will be held at Jordan Gaming Summit 2018’s November.

Maarten Noyons, CEO of IMGA said, ”since we started to organize the International Mobile Gaming Awards in the MENA region, we started a journey to efficient discovery in the industry”. The originality and creativity of developers in the region is quite inspiring.”

3Th International Mobile Gaming Awards IMGA Continues - 01

Zain Jordan Chief Operating Officer Mutate Abu Youssef: “We are proud to support the third IMGA MENA awards with Zain. We are hoping for new ideas and unique works from participating young people. And we are proud of our partnership with IMGA which sheds light on the efforts of regions designers and developers. IMGA MENA took a unique place for itself in the global mobile gaming world. Supporting young people’s innovative ideas, we aim to assist them to introduce themselves to local and global areas.”

3th International Mobile Gaming Awards IMGA Continues! Turkey’s gaming and esports agency Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU’s partner IMGA, accepting applications until September 15! Participation is free and to make application please visit http://mena.imgawards.com/ . Applied games should be released after May 2017. If the game is not released yet, the demo version of the game can be presented for Best Upcoming Game Award.