Armina Game Center; Ecosystem of field activities is changing day by day. In Turkey, there are 20.000+ internet cafes. Some of them are big enough to give better services like better PC configurations, more comfortable areas, gamer products with more quality, and console game services but on the other hand, some of them still need to be upgraded for better conditions. Nowadays a new concept started to grow up in Turkey; Game Centers and Game Center Chains. For years there were only a few you could find in Turkey but it seems from this year on this concept will be more and more popular. Let’s take a look at Armina Game Center. We could not put pictures yet because the area is under construction.


Armina Game Center - A New Vision

We want to move on from the mentality of an “Internet café “ to the vision of a “Game Center”. And we want to do it as it’s supposed to be. Our mission is not only to serve hardcore gamers or casual Internet surfers but we want to touch the souls of the new beginners and make them a part of this culture as well. We want to be the first in Çanakkale to give the experience of PC gaming and Arcade games with the latest technology and also have a special room for esports games with professional types of equipment. Later on, we would like to enlarge our borders to more regions. We don’t want to be just a regular shopkeeper or have the mentality of any other café but we would like to bring our 10 years of experience and culture from the sector to share with players. We are looking forward to educating and training players and creating a different point of view for e-sports. We want to be an enterprise where we have conventions and seminars or similar activities. We want all the Internet Cafés that we think is the best social areas, to raise new and more efficient generations for the game and e-sport industry.