AUM Esports Scholarship! The world of esports, which has been developing all over the world recently, is now also part of higher education in Malta! With the establishment of the AUM Esports, students will be able to study at the American University of Malta (AUM) with Malta’s first-ever Esports scholarship. The AUM will provide students with an environment and platform to engage with the most important esports companies in Europe and encourage them to explore new career opportunities.

As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU Gaming and Esports Agency, we continue our global studies. This time we are in Malta for AUM; American University Of Malta! It is more important for us when it comes to both esports and education. Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU’s Head Of Esports and my esports partner Serhat Bekdemir will be able to serve the Maltese esports movement for better heights. As a team, we are very happy to be on this project. (Website creation, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, and consultancy)

AUM Esports Scholarship

AUM Esports Scholarship – Malta

Maltese nationals and residents with experience in esports are now eligible to receive up one hundred percent scholarship to study at AUM. Even students who are not skilled players but are lo looking for a career in esports can apply to join the AUM KNIGHTS for team operations, streams, social media, event management, and interdisciplinary skills and earn a scholarship.

With the new AUM Esports scholarship, students will have additional resources to enhance their educational experience. The program allows students to be immersed in the world of esports while pursuing an academic degree and learn through hands-on experience in collegiate and professional gaming tournaments, live esports streaming events, and other university-sponsored events. Students will also have a dedicated space with computers and resources to train for upcoming tournaments and events.

AUM Esports Scholarship

A growing number of universities across the world are exploring esports teams and clubs. AUM hopes to provide its platform to many creative and passionate gamers who historically have been underserved by universities. “This is not just about gaming,” said Baharul Islam, an Assistant Professor of Game Development. “This program will provide further paths for students to explore their academic degree programs, using technology and gaming as a tool,” he said. The initiative to bring the burgeoning field of esports to AUM was originally spearheaded by the CEO of AUM, Ziya Alpay, who wants to provide an esports culture on the AUM campus.

At AUM, students are encouraged to participate in a long list of university-sponsored activities. From beach outings to island-wide cultural expeditions, the University is dedicated to ensuring students have plenty of opportunities to find new hobbies and interests. Student clubs are geared toward the personal development of students and allow them to meet and interact with other students. The goal is to not only have positive classroom experience but also provide plenty of opportunities to develop long-lasting friendships.

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AUM Esports Scholarship

What Makes Malta a Great Destination for Students?
Malta has some truly unique features that make this destination one of the top choices for students. Unlike other European countries, Malta is one of the most affordable places to study and live. Prices for accommodation and food are reasonable and students get special deals in museums, restaurants, gyms and can participate in numerous activities. Public transport also offers special prices for university students. Malta is also considered among the safest countries. Its residents are very friendly, respectful, and well-educated people. The crime rate on the island is among the lowest in Europe, and it also has been listed collectively as one of the places where natural disasters are less likely to occur. Malta features a large influx of scholars from around the globe with the highest of standards. Thanks to its quality programs and the presence of international educational institutions, it’s considered a great place to study. It is also within the E.U. jurisdiction with advantageous tax rates and excellent infrastructure. The blend makes Malta ideally positioned geographically and culturally making it the place of choice for businesses.

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