Control And Lead Your Marketing Budget For Your Games!’ How to control and lead your marketing budget for your games in Turkey! It’s always hard to manage operations and marketing for game developers or publishers in other local markets. Translating the game, localization, understanding cultural details, reaching the right target audience, increasing brand awareness, getting users with the most cost-effective channels, and last but most important thing earning money to keep the game alive! Today it’s getting more difficult to become Top games in PC or mobile markets. Too much competition, a high number of download needs but limited budgets! So as you see it’s a very important question; How to control and lead your marketing budget for your games in Turkey?

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As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU – Gaming Agency our first rule is; to protect our partners and use the right marketing channels with the right budgets to reach Turkish Players.

Let’s start step by step with a real story. How to control and lead your marketing budget for your games in Turkey

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METAL TORNADO MMO Tank Game – Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU Partner

Forecast + Operation Plan + Main Marketing & Media Plan! Yes, this has to be your beginning point for How to control and lead your marketing budget for your games in Turkey to see everything clearly. If you don’t do this then be ready to fail. Before you do your forecast, request from your developer or publisher partner all details of the game and play the game with all of your team from beginning to end. You have to understand the idea of the game with all details. Beginning, mid-levels, end game! For this, you need at least 10 days. Ok now you know the game, it’s time to make your forecast;

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Start with a basic forecast! Make it a minimum of 1 year! Estimate your Monthly Active User Number, estimate your Monthly Growth, estimate your PCCU (it’s important for server structure), and estimate your PU Paying User and PUR Paying User Ratio. Finally, put a number for ARPPU Average Revenue Per Paying User. Yes I know it’s easy to write like this but it’s not easy. If you don’t know the local market well and if you don’t have any publishing experience before you could not estimate the right numbers. As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU – Gaming Agency, our experience starts from this point!
When you make this forecast be optimistic! Because this forecast will lead your way. Now you know your numbers to achieve and the gross revenue that you will earn. But How you will get players to the game and achieve those numbers? For the Metal Tornado PC game, we started from this point and firstly we finalized the forecast!

Translation & Voice Overs! Start with translation. Be local, do not translate your own as a stranger to the market. Cultural changes could only be followed by local partners. Game Translation is not an easy thing! Your translators have to be familiar with the gaming world and have to know Turkey and our culture well. Otherwise, your translation could be only basic level. After the translation and local voice-overs, request your developer partner to integrate all local content into the game. As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU – Gaming Agency we handle all game translations with our in-house team and all voice-over with our partner music studio. For Metal Tornado we translated from Chinese to Turkish. But stop there! What about in-game UI after local content integration? Let’s pass to Game QA!

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In Game QA: After the translation is finished, you have to make QA many times and you have to play the game with Turkish translations again and again. Sometimes we are facing UI problems, sometimes translation problems. The words that you translated could not sometime fit with the game content. That’s why you have to see all translations in the game. So Translation + Proofreading is a must. Your local partner has to be a QA Process like we do. As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU – Your Game Marketing Partner in Turkey we always follow the rules and are ready for your Game QA for PC or Mobile Games! Don’t Forget; bugs and glitches would abound in games, possibly making them unplayable and destroying the reputation of the video game production company if you don’t do Game QA correctly! Because of the region, beta tests are not important for players. The last playable version is important in Turkey. You need a perfect QA process to submit your product without bugs or glitches to your customers. Otherwise, it is hard to gather lost players who see there is a problem in your game.

Requirements For Test Process: Analyse Documents, Design Documents, and the number of devices & models to be used in the tests. (The minimum versions that the game supports and similar information)
Test Content: Cross-platform testing via Application or Game, iOS & Android, and Facebook (web), Device screen size and operating system-specific compatibility tests, Product functional controls (login, invite, in-app purchase, etc …), Design & UI Controls, Usability tests (custom optimization controls for Android and IOS experience and gaming experiences), Check for bug & fixes and controlling every function to see if patch affected a new bug or not, Full test before launch and Proofreading, Preparation and reporting of test scenarios.

Schedule Your Game Roadmap: Yes we know you already have a content roadmap for your games, but did you make it for the Turkish Game Market? If not renew it with your partner again. Because your local partner could only know the best timing for new game updates, expansions, event times, maintenance times, etc. Schedule your CBT (Closed Beta), OBT (Open Beta), and Commercial Launch of your game. Schedule maintenance times, schedule new content update times. It’s important to set your marketing budget correctly and also it’s really important to keep your loyal players always in the game. As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU – Game Marketing Agency in Turkey, we take care of your local schedule and operations like Game Management, Patch Frequency & Roadmap Plan, Game Moderation, and Game Monitoring (7 / 24)

Game Operation Preparations: Yes you know how to take care of operations in your market. But how about Turkey? Turkish players are hardcore players and they always need and request local & Turkish support from you. As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU – Game Operation and Game Marketing Agency we are ready to take care of all operational support and game analyses for you. Once we learn Master & GM Tool functions and Masterpage content (list of functions which we can use on the master page) from our partners our Turkish Game Master and Turkish Game Operation team starts to work on it. We know how to analyze, that’s what we do for 9 years for more than 30 games. DAU, MAU, retention, Daily Downloads, CCU, PCCU, and Daily Sales. If your local Game Marketing Partner doesn’t know such terms, do not start to work with them. You need an experienced partner for your game.

PS: All Numbers are just examples for you!

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After the release, player feedbacks contain important information to enhance the game. Listening to the players is not enough. You must enhance the game according to the ideas and suggestions, and problems that occurred. Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU creates a roadmap that will always support the players in each phase. Companies who catch the client right from the start, solve their problems, listen to their ideas, get feedback from all the social mediums and in-game without limitation, understand the client-focused idea of Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU. Customer Support – Phone Support, Customer Support – Live Chat Support, Customer Support – Email Support, Customer Support – On-Site Support, Customer Support – Social Media, Game Moderation, Game Monitoring (7 / 24), Turkish Game Management

Game Item Pricing: If you will launch your game as it is in your country, that means be ready to fail (if you are not so lucky or if you don’t have a legendary game). Only your local partner could know and make the right sales estimation for you. As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU – Game Marketing & Game Operation Agency in Turkey, we are remaking all pricing in the game for Turkish players again if necessary.

How to control and lead your marketing budget for your games in Turkey! So far I just tried to explain only the beginning steps and some parts of the Game Operation needed if you want to publish your game in Turkey. If you need more detail about Game Operation in Turkey or Game Publishing Partner in Turkey you can always contact us; How to control and lead your marketing budget for your games in Turkey!