Long Time No See Bro – CRYTEK

Long Time No See Bro - CRYTEK

Long Time No See Bro! Gaming in Turkey Journey Continues, someone said Crytek? As we talked last, it seems nearly 1 month past. Lets briefly talk about what we did so far and give some information from Turkish Gaming Business. While we were working around and updating our fronts, we have a new client, Crytek. Crytek has an MMOFPS game Warface in several countries and Turkey is one of them. They are here nearly 3 years and with its ultimate graphics and content, players love to play Warface. However, in 3 years their field organizations didn’t hit their goals so they wanted to start to work on the field more deeply with internet cafes. That’s the point we are entering, our field organization side is very strong because we are working good strategical partners in Turkey.

Crytek & Warface

We will manage field part of Warface and making monthly tournaments around Turkey with more than 300 internet cafe visits and game client download. Warface has a big client, so its hard to download for some regions in Turkey. It’s the best way to reach internet cafes and share a client with owners to publish the game more users. At the end of this field organizations, we will hit 2500 internet cafe visits with 35 Warface Tournaments and more than 10.000 client download in 7 months. Its long journey but when you think support of cafes to your game, it is a must. And summer season is the best timing.

One another work is increasing digital marketing side of our client Karanlık Işık. First, we made a deep QA to their website and client, launcher, in game. After we sent our suggestions and digital marketing team recommendations, Karanlık Işık team worked hard and fixed the problem asap. Then its time to increase KPI’s according to our target. We are now starting a new Google campaign with new banners and landing page. We will also support these with SEO and Facebook campaigns. In the summer season, we hope we will be in the field with Karanlık Işık too but not decided yet when to start.

We’ll update you soon with our new works people! See you soon…