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Desktop Video Production - Perdigital

Desktop Video Production; As Gaming in Turkey “Gaming Agency” – “Gaming Consultation & Marketing Agency” we are proud to present our client Perdigital Online Shopping Platform’s global company presentation video which made by Gaming in Turkey team. Creating good content is as important as using the media correctly. Gaming in Turkey team creates high quality video content for any game and project from desktop videos to large productions, from special video streamers to viral contents. If you need desktop video production contact us for best video production solutions. You can always contact us from


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Perdigital Company Profile

PERDIGITAL is an Online Shopping Platform with its own wallet and distribution system. It provides Digital Product Code distribution for Video Games and Digital Products through its local network. Here at ThePerdigital, we were among the first to integrate digital and physical distribution, acknowledging the importance of local selling and marketing across all formats and superiorsupply chain management.

What actually Perdigital Sells? Perdigital differs from other E pin distributors with its own and unique product pool.

  • Online Games
  • PC and Mobile Games
  • Carrier Services and prepaid balance
  • Online Education
  • Turkish League Football matches & tickets
  • Social Network Platforms
  • Online Music Platforms
  • Movies

They supply thousands of sales point around the country through their wholly owned and operated physical and digital distribution network, CyberCafe network and together with different monetization systems like e-Pins and Direct BalanceTransfer fully developed by our technological capabilities.

What is Electronic pin code? E-Pin, Electronic Personal Identification Number with an alfa numeric codes generated by the Merchant to monetize users via their payment page by redemtion of the electronic pin code. Every codes represent merchant’s currency or price point value.

Direct Transfer is an alternative B2B and B2C monetization service differing from the other traditional wallet systems by allowing Internet Cafe network, Online Reseller network and Perdigital’s offical distributor partner chain to make fund transfer directly to the customer’s user accounts in merchants’ services. An alternative B2B service, a new generationsolution, less then 10 seconds to finish and fund transfer directly to the customers user accounts in merchant’s.

Customers, Internet Cafe owners or online resellers top up cash to their wallet in Perdigital account. Then select Direct Transfer menu and click the game to make  the balance transfer directly to customer’s  game  account, finished!

Perdigital provides fast, secure and branded  Local Payment options and channels for its customers aiming to add value to its shopping experience.

Perdigital’s strentgh comes from its wide distribution of Cyber Cafes covering whole Turkey.

Perdigital Field Activities meet games with players in cyber cafes. 6 Regional sales represetatives visit cyber cafes and make 70.000 client download per year. These visits are in 64 cities and total 550 visits permonthly, 6600 visits per year. In all visits, Perdigital representatives meet more than 100.000 customer in a year and connect games with audience.

Perdigital has also partnerships with well known brands such as Steam, Riot Games, Nfinity Games, Spotify, Oasis Games, Netmarble Turkey, Turk Telekom, Vodafone, Turkcell,,, Hopi…

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