Hello people! We will give some internal news from our consultation and marketing agency, Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU. We started this journey late 2015 with 4 partner. After 1 month we gain 1 more power to our community and became 5. Next 3 month we increased to 8 and keep increasing. Our clients are from gaming industry, epin distributor Perdigital with its product DIRECT TRANSFER and one of the well known anime in the world with Purple Pan. At the end of April, we are planning to announce our new partner. This partnership will increase our target area, will boost the power of two partner companies and make a good collaboration for gaming business in Turkey.


One of our clients, Perdigital expanding its service line with new partnerships. Now one of the biggest game companies from world, Gameforge started to work with Perdigital in Turkey. Netmarble Turkey, Steam and Riot was Perdigital’s partners and now Perdigital added Gameforge to its collaborations. Perdigital is new monetization and entertainment hub for Turkish gamers. They want to sell game products but also gamer needs like Spotify, GSM codes, Busuu education codes and Digiturk match codes. They don’t want to be in borders of gaming, they will expand to other entertainment businesses to become a digital hub for gamers in Turkey.

Innovative Perdigital team also created a new product. This product will be an alternative payment method to e-pin, named as Direct Transfer. With Direct Transfer, gamers don’t need to wait an epin code, don’t need to write code to Publisher/Developer’s web site and try to enter game. They all need to use Perdigital’s Direct Transfer website and buy their ingame money properly. After they buy, they can see their change in their game web site. This is also a new improvement for Publisher/Developer companies, easy to use and happy customers. If you want to use that system in Turkey, please contact with us, we will make you to meet Direct Tranfer immedeately.

Last news from a Hekaton calling, 48 hours developing adventure will be at 29 April – 01 May 2016 in ODTU Teknokent Atom Ankara. In Turkey Innovation Week, developers will try to create games in a short time with their creative ideas. If you want to check what is going on, please respond from here but you need to be a member first.
See you next week!