QA Test And Gaming In Turkey, E-Gameshow

QA Test And Gaming In Turkey, E-Gameshow

QA Test and Gaming in Turkey, E-Gameshow. Hello, Gaming in Turkey followers. Every week is busier than one before nowadays. We got several works to do and some news from Turkey. Let’s start.

Last week Turkey had a convention named E-Gameshow in Ankara. It took 4 days, between 11 – 14 May at Hacettepe University.  E-Gameshow will be held at the Beytepe Culture and Congress Center of Hacettepe University in Ankara, the players of the gaming industry came together with their producers and played games, meet with streamers of Turkey, watch cosplay contest and follow conferences for 4 days.

E-Gameshow also received Crystal Pixel Awards this year, which featured more than 80 companies. There was also be a cosplay contest, mobile game producers, game studios, and various competitions in the event where famous eSpor teams were be taking part in tournaments. E-Gameshow sponsored by the Turkish Game Developers Association, Ankara Development Agency, Kosgeb, Odtü Teknokent, Hacettepe Technopolis, Bilkent Cyberpark and Mental and Intellectual Games Confederation will be a continuation of the events held in the past years.

Conferences were held on 12, 13 and 14 May, as well as tournament and game player meetings within the E-Gameshow area. According to the dates of the conference were,

Friday, May 12
Setting the Scene:  The Current Video Game Industry Landscape, Entering the Videogames Market, Most Important Intellectual Property Issues Each Developer Should Know, The Publisher – Developer Relationship, Digital Game Development, Game Design, Character Animation, Modeling and Graphic Design

Saturday, May 13
Digital Distribution, The Mobile Gaming Market, The Future of  Video Game Industry:  A Window of Opportunity, Entrance  to Gaming Business from Indie’s Eyes, Creating the Universe in Comics and Digital Games

Sunday, May 14
Becoming a New Entrepreneur in the Sector, E-venture delicacy, and Vision, Workshop and Portfolio Review on Character Design


QA Test and Gaming in Turkey! We will update you about E-Gameshow soon. On the other hand, our PC game has a QA Client. We started to make Quality Assurance and checking game. First of all, we are checking all Turkish translations and voiceovers. Then we prepare documents for developers to fix the wrong translations and if possible modify UI.  There is sometimes problem modifying so we need to check Turkish sentences and think their short names. After all, translations finished, we have to explain which shorten translations means what in our game website. Otherwise, players can’t understand the meaning of our translations. This week we will finish the first phase of our QA and update the game with recovered one. After first QA, next time we will check some stress test about the game for servers and voiceovers.

There are several improvements ongoing but let’s talk about them in another blog article next week. Our partner Game Sultan will prepare some social responsibility campaigns, we will also check these campaigns next week.

Take care and be with us, your Game solutions in Turkey!