E-sport Scholarship Program! Scholarship in Esport from Bahçeşehir University & Riot Games has flash news. So we decided to prepare an article about this partnership. This week we are talking about E-sport in Turkey and news from a university about E-sport. Last year, the Football Clubs started to fight for the League of Legends by establishing E-sports teams. Germain, Rome, and so on, show that Esports has grown globally and has begun to spread to the masses. In Turkey, also 3 big Football Clubs, Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe & Galatasaray established E-sport teams and started to fight in League of Legends Turkey and Wolfteam.


On 9 March morning, news came from the excitement of tens of thousands of players interested in E-sports. With the announcement made with Riot Games and Bahcesehir University, an E-sports scholarship was announced. Bahçeşehir University General Secretary Ziya Alpay, EMC Managing Partner Serhat Bekdemir, and Riot Games Turkey Country Manager Bora Koçyiğit participated in a press conference. There are 3 more countries, Norway, Amerika, and Sweden started scholarship programs for E-sport. Now Turkey is the 4th country in the world whose university gives a scholarship.

Esport Scholarship Program From Bahçeşehir University
Esport Scholarship Program From Bahçeşehir University

E-sport Scholarship Program! Successful players in the Championship and League in LoL organized by Riot Games will be able to earn education scholarships at Bahcesehir University with up to 100 percent of the money worth 40.000 TL. Students who will be jointly determined by Bahçeşehir University and Riot Games will also start working at the Riot Games office three days a week for at least one semester. With this experience, students will also gain academic gain for two courses and a summer internship.

E-sports scholarships will not be exclusive to the players. Twitch streamers, tournament referees and organizers, and social media specialists will also benefit from the content at the same time. Scholarship programs offered as certificates include scholarships for diction training, tournament management, coaching, and management and personal development.

We are pleased to announce this news as Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU, we hope E-sport in Turkey will grow up fast and catch up World.

We will continue our news from Turkey next week!