Esports Success From Global Arena To Turkey

Esports Success From Global Arena To Turkey

What a week we had! We have some news from esports about global arena to Turkey, one of our client business and some special announcement from us. What you say, lets start shooting news?

While we were talking about how Esport is important for all game businesses, there is a news from global arena. Every year The World Championship of Counter Strike Global Offensive  prepared, and it was in Belgrade with 50.000$ final prize. Everybody knows Counter Strike GO but let me tell you briefly, CS:GO is a firs person shooter, developed by Hidden Path and Valve Corporation and released at 2012, but of course there are several CS before GO. At final stage, match was between Argentina vs Turkey. At first round it was 11 – 0 advantage to Argentina but there was a miracle returne and its finished 16 – 14 with Turkey win. Second round Argentina took the game and it was 1 – 1. With a better game, Turkey beat Argentina and take the TWC 2016 Championship Cup and became a world champion. This is first time, Turkey is getting a world champion in Counter Strike Global Offensive. What a surprise, what an honor to us. We are developing Esports in Turkey year by year and at the end we got some success.

PERDIGITAL starts SKILL Esports Tournaments

Lets talk about some tournaments in Turkey. One of our client, Perdigital will starting tournaments with SKILL FPS game around Turkey. It will held 3 months in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Mersin, Şanlıurfa, Denizli, Gaziantep, Balıkesir, Antalya, Eskişehir, Bursa, Adapazarı, Afyon ve Kütahya. Perdigital is making these field organizations with its professional sales representatives and internet cafes. Experienced staff made several tournaments like Skill and also with Skill before in these regions. Perdigital has reaching more than 100.000 customers / year during these events and visits. Their capable regional representatives also making more than 6000 visits in a year for 64 cities of Turkey. If you have some internet cafe visit ideas or tournaments for you game, we can make you contact with Perdigital, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email!

Finally we have an announcement. In December, we are moving to our new area. Well its obvious that we are growing, our business also grows, so we need a bigger place. We will take some pictures and add here to show our team as soon as possible in our new place!

If you have a gaming business in this region, if you are thinking how to do it and you don’t have any help you think, just email us, there is many super heroes are waiting to test your game, translate and be ready to Turkish gamers!

See you next blog!