Game and Brand Partnerships! Unity is Strength…

National and international brands are now acting together with the games to reach the masses. We bring big brands together with games and create the most suitable strategy for both parties, increasing both brand love and creating benefits for the game and the player. We bring games with brands and brands with players with our wide portfolio from the FMCG industry to telecommunication companies, from the entertainment industry to media organizations. By signing long-term partnerships or periodic projects, we ensure that games are released in different advertising channels together with brands, and we offer a new door for brands to young people.

Game and Brand Partnerships


In addition to marketing, brand and game partnerships are an important way for both parties to show the target audience, namely the players, to show credibility and trust. Brands reach the target audience they want to reach by entering their area of ​​interest with the game. Games, on the other hand, both renew trust with their cooperation with brands and continue to be promoted in different areas by using the advertising power of the brand. Such partnerships are very beneficial when made with the right strategies for both parties.

As Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU team, we have been designing special strategies by bringing our brands and games together for years. Sometimes it’s an offline activity, sometimes it’s in-game builds, sometimes it’s code projects. While we increase brand loyalty and brand love with the strategies we create for the period or long-term, we always keep the interest in the game warm with these strategies. While creating our partnership strategies, we determine the needs by listening to both the brand and the game side separately, and accordingly, we produce hybrid projects, some of which are already fast, support sales, and sometimes increase awareness. We work with giant brands such as Coca-Cola, Türk Telekom, and Razer Gold. We will be happy to see you among us.

Game and Brand Partnerships

Game and Brand Partnerships Services

  • Telecommunication
  • FMCG / Food Industry
  • Hardware / Hardware Industry
  • FMCG
  • Electronics and Technology Companies
  • CODE Projects
  • In-Games Brand-Specific Product Placement
  • In-Games Brand-Specific Creative Projects
  • Metaverse and Blockchain-Based Projects
  • In-Game Programmatic Ad Models – CPM
  • In-Game Special Events
  • Online / Offline Special Projects
  • IP Licensing and Merchandising Products

You can always contact us and get detailed information for game and brand partnerships that will mutually benefit your game and your brand.