Game and Esports Marketing Lessons 2! Gaming and Esports Marketing courses, in which we share the full experience of the 12 years we spent in the sector as Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU Gaming and Esports Agency, continue at full speed. In our first lesson, we talked about the general concepts of gaming and esports. But more importantly, we included the basics of marketing in our lesson. Let’s remember them again;

  • Never do negative marketing.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  • The problem will always be, to be prepared.
  • We market not only a game but also the emotional benefit that the game will make to the end-user.
  • Diagnosis; Get to know both your product and the audience you want to reach!
  • Find the emotional benefit!
  • Use math!
  • Analyze, optimize!

Yes, these titles were the subject of our first lesson; that is, “The Truths and Necessities of Marketing”. In our second lesson, we went through the last Turkey game market report published in 2019 and made comments by talking about the figures. Apart from the report, we explained the concepts to be considered in the analysis of the game industry. If you want to review the full report, you can browse our page.

Let’s check what was next in-game.

Game and Esports Marketing Lessons 2

In the second week of our Esports and Game Marketing course, we started with the main concepts;

  1. What is a Game?
  2. What is Esports

These two questions, which are expected to be answered very simply, were actually questions that were interpreted differently by everyone. We made our own comments and shared the information we had with our students.

Game and Esports Marketing Lessons Part 2
Game and Esports Marketing Lessons Part 2

Soon after, we told the story of esports from our perspective. We talked about how the competition in the neighborhood matches moved to digital together with the internet.

Game and Esports Marketing Lessons Part 2

Before we move to the  Turkey Game Industry Report details, we gave detailed information about two important issues; Game Ecosystem / Esports Ecosystem and the main concepts used.

Main Components of the Game Ecosystem

  • Game Companies / Developer Companies
  • Publishers
  • Players
  • Distributors
  • Payment Channels
  • Broadcast Channels
  • Hardware
  • Brands and Media
  • Offline Esports Arenas and Internet Cafes
  • Esports

Main Components of the Esports Ecosystem

  • Game Companies / Developer Companies
  • Teams and Players
  • Audience
  • Broadcast Platforms / Streamers
  • League and Events
  • Brands and Media

We have explained the main concepts that should be followed especially in-game marketing.

Game and Esports Marketing Lessons Part 2

In the last part of the lesson, we went through our report and shared the size of the market with our students. We hope to see you again in the summary article of our third lesson that we prepared together with Bahçeşehir University.