Game Localization examples from Turkey! If you want to enter a local market it’s always important to make a perfect plan for local users and players. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mobile game, pc game, or console game. You have to work for local markets for a full plan which starts from translation, localization, media plan, local game pr, user acquisition, social media, influencer marketing, Turkish customer support, and so on…

Game Localization Examples From Turkey - 01

This time we want to share with you some localization examples from Turkey.  Sometimes a familiar map or area design, sometimes an in-game character, or maybe in-game items… Which voice actor should you work with, and how will they contribute to the game…? Remember that combining the main elements of the game with cultural localization increases interest and fun, and helps to add new players to the game. Because sometimes word of mouth creates more interaction than budgeted digital campaigns or advertisements.
Positive and negative examples of Turkish localization in the video game industry

  • Free2Play Games; Nearly all Free2Play games here in Turkey are well-localized games. League of Legends, Wolfteam, Metin2, Knight Online, Silkroad, Black Desert, Point Blank, etc. We just wanted to share some specific games which already dominate the market.
  • Same issue for mobile games too. Most of the mobile games which generate high revenue and reach the mass are localized games. Boom Beach, Marvel Future Fight, Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, etc.
  • Some examples of pictures of those games;
  • Also, let’s check some PS4 Games; As you can see in the list most of the popular games or companies put localized language in it; sometimes as the subtitle, sometimes with full translation & dubbing.
Game Localization Examples From Turkey - 01

Examples of the most common complaints Turkish users address localization in Turkish

  • We must be very careful about 1 thing, the difference between localization & translation. Translation-wise we could not say any bad comments or negative examples in Turkey. But localization wise we have to be very careful if we want to add something to the game which includes cultural content in it.
  • As Translation, we tried to explain all details for a perfect TR translation. Once you do it right no one could complain about it even if they are free 2 play players or AAA game players.
  • Most of the complaints come not for translation most of the time when companies separate TR servers from other regions because mostly we want to play the games in Turkish, with Turkish players but also with other players too, to show our success. This is very important.
  • And as localization;
    • You can find many successful localized games which reached millions of players. Most of the time you can be sure, that those localized contents are not the most popular, but as marketing, they have a huge power!
    • Let us share examples;

LOL – Game Localization examples from Turkey

  • They made all translations into Turkish
  • They made all voice-overs in Turkish
  • They added 1 TR-related character Barbaros at the beginning, just for marketing. And it was very effective.
  • Rest of the time they just continue to serve the game as it is but as Turkish all the time. So, after 1 time all the new contents were like for TR players. Because they announced everything at the same time in all regions.
Game Localization Examples From Turkey - 09

Wolfteam – Game Localization examples from Turkey

  • When we launched Wolfteam (When we published the game under Joyagame) it was nothing with only 500 – 600 CCU. And CS was the most popular FPS game in 2009. There was only 1 thing to do; act like it was a Turkish Game and we created a story, a Turkish story, and put a TR map to the game with a futuristic Story; it never became the most popular map but marketing-wise, we rocketed the game.
Game Localization Examples From Turkey - 10
Game Localization Examples From Turkey - 11

Then we created a TR character as a combination of a TR commando & special police team. And we used one of the most popular & important historical things for us; GRAY WOLF! So the character became the most revenue-generated character of all time for a very long time.

Game Localization Examples From Turkey - 12
Game Localization Examples From Turkey - 13

S2 (FPS Game) – Game Localization examples from Turkey

  • For another FPS game that we published under Netmarble, we made a map, but it was very special. We worked with all details about it and it became one of the most popular maps in the game.
  • We put also some local weapons.
Game Localization Examples From Turkey - 14
Game Localization Examples From Turkey - 15

ZOMBIROCK  – Game Localization examples from Turkey

  • This was the best thing that we ever made. We made an agreement with one of the most popular rock group manga and changed the game for them and launched the game with them! We had huge success as a player base but the game doesn’t generate revenue good enough. But still, players are asking about it.  This was the first achievement in Turkey!
Game Localization Examples From Turkey - 16

Examples of games or campaigns associated with celebrities that had any relevant impact

Game Localization examples from Turkey

Game Localization Examples From Turkey - 17

Those are some examples of which famous stars directly integrated into the game as voice or their selves. On the other hand, working with a celebrity in Turkey is not so easy because most of them are not so familiar with the gaming industry. And sometimes they request huge money. That’s why companies mostly spend their budgets on other marketing channels. But that doesn’t mean it will be not successful. With a great brand (like Overwatch, Hearthstone, Diablo, WOW) no one could stop us ^^

If you need more info or want to work with us just inform us, and we will back to you;

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