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Online Game Management And Game Operations

Gaming in Turkey – Game Agency is here for you to give 7 / 24 non-stop support with the most experienced team of gamers who have already proven experience in game management, analysis, and suggestions, event proposals, game insight reports, operational management.

Our GM’s (Local Turkish Game Master’s) have shown time and time again that they are capable of anything for successful launches and continuous operations.

With this unique service, Gaming in Turkey is providing a non-stop communication between game companies and Turkish players, using its professional team and strong connections. As developer or publisher, you don’t need to open an entity or local office in Turkey, you don’t need to increase your costs, Gaming in Turkey is here for you to take all responsibility for your game operations.

Game Management & Operations - Gaming In Turkey Gaming Agecy


Our Game Managers, Game Masters are the pillars of a successful game. Game Managers are one of the most important parts of a game’s lifecycle. The nature of this multifaceted role means as Gaming in Turkey, we have only the best experienced and professional people in these positions.

Game Management Reporting: Monthly Campaign Feedbacks, Monthly Community Report, Quarter Based Social Media Report, Daily Download Report, Weekly Game Page Visits & Traffic, Blocking Google Display Campaigns, Budget & CPC Control (All Digital Channels), Daily Site & Landing Pages Controls, Weekly Digital PR Report, Weekly Marketing Plan Report, Weekly Google Tracking Report, Weekly Traffic Sources, Monthly Traffic Sources, Weekly Game Events&Campaign PR, SEO and Seeding Report.

Game Management – Market Analysis: It begins with market analysis, as Gaming in Turkey Gaming Agency we are checking and sharing our suggestion if the game (PC or Mobile) suitable for Turkish & MENA market. As all team and with Focus groups we are testing the game (Green Light Process). We are checking beginning levels, mid-levels and end levels of the game to see all contents. We are checking UI of the game, monetization system of the game, the roadmap of the game etc. If this question’s answer is yes for the next step we are sharing Developer Questionnaire with publisher or developer.

Game Management – Developer Questionnaire: For the next step we are sharing Developer Questionnaire with our partner to understand all technical and business-wise detail. It’s including; Operation Questions, Marketing Questions, Creative Questions, System – DB – Develop Questions, Item Store And Billing Questions, QA Questions, Localization Questions. After we get all answers, our IT teams take the role.

Game Management – Server Preparation: After our IT team get’s all information about server structure of the game, they analyze it and share best solutions, hosting companies for developer or publishers.

Game Management – Marketing Plan – Translation – Localization – Voice Over: Normally Marketing Plan and the other titles are not a part of operations but at any case, we are making an overall plan for Turkey & MENA market to share with our partners. Because you have to see all operational and marketing wise cost at the same time to see ROI (return of invest).

Game Management – Operation Team: After we pass all those steps, we are moving to prepare employees for you and your game. Game Producer, Game Masters, and Customer Support Teams.

Game Management – Trademark: We are always protecting our partner’s brands with taking rights of domains, trademark registration.

Game Management – Payment Channels: In Turkey, especially if the game is a PC game, we have to be very careful with local payment channels; e-pin, mobile payment, local offers or credit cards. We are sharing the best local payment options with our partner to monetize game well.

Game Management – Game Operations Follow System: We are preparing a perfect follow system to not miss any detail; we are making a forecast for the game to see overall result estimations; MAU (Monthly Active User), DAU (Daily Active User), PUR (Paying User Ratio), PU (Paying User), ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User), Marketing Costs, Server Costs, Employee Cost, Head Office Cost.

Game Management – In Game Operations Follow System: We are preparing a perfect in game follow system to not miss any detail; yearly marketing plan, monthly marketing plan, social media plan, digital marketing plan (CPR, CPL, CPS), Payment Channels & Percentage, Total User, PCCU, Daily Operation (Daily New User, Paying User, CCU, Transaction etc.), Monthly Retention, Daily & Monthly Events.

Game Management – Game Monitoring: As Gaming in Turkey team, from the start day on, we are monitoring the game with our Game Master team. We are offering a non-stop service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We keep and increase the fun in the game but at the same time, we put rules for players to keep the game in control (no hack, no cheat, no swear). We give all support to players in the game, via mail, from forums or with the ticket system. We create weekly documentation, weekly community insights, and reports to share with our partner. We create FAQ and game guides to help players. We manage GM Tools and Master Page Tools if our partner shares those tools with us.

Game Management – Game Events: Our operation team creates in-game event proposals (daily, weekly, monthly) that consider the needs of the game. CCU Events, Login Events, Engagement Events, Monetizing Events.

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