Game PR – Originally Public Relations, but we call it “Player Relations”.

Gaming PR – Our PR solutions and services are specific to games and the gaming world. Your game may be very good, or your brand may have a product for young people. Regardless, a successful product or a game should be announced to the players through the right channels. We create a PR strategy designed from scratch for our brands and prepare the contents of the newsletter. Thanks to our Digital Game PR system, we bring your news to players on nearly 80 sites focused on games, technology, and esports. We expand the target audience by using conventional channels when necessary. With the different package options we offer, we make guaranteed shares, follow up on all links, and report to you.

Game PR


Among our game PR services, our main topics are consultancy, media communication, and result analysis specific to your game. Together with our customers, we determine the market position of games and find the right targets in gaming, consumer, and technology media. Is it an indie game or a big publisher and a big project? We determine our strategies according to our customers and their games. Thanks to our digital PR system, we can spread our news on nearly 80 game and technology sites in the region. Apart from that, we add many complementary elements such as influencer marketing, press meetings, player meetings, fair participation, viral content spread, and special digital channels such as Telegram, Medium, and offline launch events, to the plan we have prepared according to the strategies we have created.

So why is Pr done?

  • It is done to create positive ideas about the brand in the minds of people, namely players, through media and social media.
  • It is done to highlight the strong economic structures of companies. – Financial PR
  • It is done to give a great company image to find employees more easily. – HR PR
  • It is done for brands to create a big and strong company perception before going on investment tours – Perception PR
Game PR

Game and Esports Special GAME PR and All Our Services

  • Game PR (Digital Spread)
  • Corporate PR
  • Seeding & Viral Pages
  • Conventional PR
  • Press Meetings
  • Discord – Slack Channels
  • Social Media Whatsup Groups
  • Telegram
  • Medium
  • YouTube
  • Podcasts
  • Influencers / Phenomenon
  • Launch Events / Online – Offline
  • Fair Participations
  • Player Meetings
  • Social Media Support

You can always contact us and get detailed information about our Game PR and Game Digital PR services in gaming and esports.