Game Social Media Management – Speak in their language, be one of them!

Determination of social media channels suitable for the target audience of brands and games, creation of dissemination and content strategies, production of daily, weekly, and monthly media-specific content and projects, replying to comments and complaints from social media accounts, moderation, and preparation of reports related to these comments. As the Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU team, we are ready to manage social media channels on your behalf in the most effective way.

Game Social Media Management


Sincerity; The language in which we will address the player should always be sincere. Our main goal should be to come together with the player at the points where we defend the same language and the same thought. We must present our brand as if we are one of the users who follow our page. To have sincere language, we should be able to talk to them like friends. With the content we create, we should sound like we are from that world, who play games like them, and are interested in similar content.

Simplicity; The writing language we will use should be in such a way that we can clearly explain the action or situation, by the rules of spelling, not too long. Keeping in mind that the users in front of us may be in different age and segment groups, we must establish a simple and understandable communication language.

Interest; Responding to comments and messages against shared content makes the user feel special and ensures loyalty. For this reason, comments and ideas from users on social media must be always returned in the proper language.

Orientation; In the content we create, it is extremely important to direct users to a certain action, to ask for their comments, ideas, or preferences. Engaging users in the content produced should always be one of our priorities.

  • Positive / Positive Perspective – Perception
  • Friendly and Sincere
  • Energetic
  • Far From Negative Concepts
  • Humorous
  • Happy Player Profile
  • Conversational Language and Plain
  • Anytime Player
  • Share
  • Supported by
  • Relating to
  • Consistent
  • Conscious
  • Realistic
  • Strong
Game Social Media Management

Our Game Social Media Management Services

  • Identifying Target Audiences
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Creating Social Media Strategies on the Game Vertical
  • Social Media Content Management in Gaming Vertical
  • Quality Content and Creative Designs
  • Social Media Moderation in Gaming Vertical
  • Organic Growth Strategies
  • Advertising Usage
  • Reporting and Optimization

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