Gaming Business In Turkey – Gaming With Gist And Netmarble

Gaming Business In Turkey - Gaming With Gist And Netmarble

Gaming Business in Turkey; Hello from Gaming in Turkey. There was a rough days ongoing and we are working for our clients in Turkish gaming business to make them meet with their target audience. After Gamescom, we had several meetings and we started to talk with new opportunities. There are different companies want to enter Turkey with their products. We are negotiating with a mobile game from Korea and equipment company from England. In future days, if we will make agreements, Turkish players will see a new equipment products, especially esporters. Now lets talk about Gist and Netmarble news from market.

Let us continue from market. Gaming Istanbul announcement; GIST – Gaming Istanbul announced and will be held in 2 February 2017 in Istanbul. There are 4 months till exhibition starts but they already started to negotiate with companies who want to participate. Before GIST, there will be GameX in December 2016. In February 2016, GIST was performed and even its first year, lots of players and game lovers attended. We are happy to see increasing exhibitions in Turkey from professionals of gaming industry. GIST most important advantage was B2B stand which associated different countries and companies from Europe and Asia.


Netmarble Turkey CEO Barış Özistek gave an interview to Capital and announced that Netmarble will give support to startups which are based in Turkey in 2017, differ from Starters Hub. In 2015, Netmarble partnershipped with Gedik Yatırım and MV Holding and created Starters Hub in Turkey. Today they are supporting 23 startups with 4.3 million Turkish Liras. In 2017, Netmarble thinking to create another fund for Turkish developers. It will also include gaming business but also for apps and some other useful ideas. Mr. Özistek also talked about increasing of mobile games and Esports in worldwide. In near future, Esports will be a part of olympics, he mention. Netmarble is in top 10 mobile gaming companies in world and  Europe, Middle East operations are leaded from Netmarble Turkey.

Turkish gaming business got attention from Netmarble and big companies, because as you rememer that we mention before, young population is above Europe standards in Turkey and region has good growth numbers.

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