Gaming In Turkey And Perdigital Partnership

Gaming In Turkey And Perdigital Partnership

Gaming in Turkey “Game Related Consulting and Marketing Agency” Presents;

After couple of meetings, Turkey’s new Digital Content Code Distributor startup Perdigital, started to work with G.I.T Gaming in Turkey “Game Related Consulting and Marketing Agency”. After foundation at June 2015, Perdigital entered to code distribution industry and in 8 months, growth month by month. Perdigital is a natural bridge between gamers and games, digital content with customers. While making business, marketing is so important and needed from a professional support. G.I.T has 7 years experience in game industry and now Turkish region. With this collaboration, Perdigital will communicate with its customers more efficiently and share its new agreements & improvements.


Perdigital has very strong internet cafe environment in Turkey. This is very important key for game launcing events and e-pin sale system. Cafe network also used to reach more gamers and create a good traffic for Perdigital partners in game industry. Unbanked gamers use cafes to reach ingame purchases and Perdigital’s field strength coming from its cafe collaborations.
Cyber cafe network provides gaming activities and offline promotions for content providers under Perdigital brand. Company also establishes smart online & offline cooperations with high branded local companies to increase the variety of distribution channels and provide traffic for its partners

Perdigital has also plans for future days. Not to stand as e-pin distributor, also Perdigital will become a digital hub for everyone. This effect also started with Vodafone, Turkcell, Spotify. Wellknown companies of Turkey is working with Perdigital and also game publishers and developers are in Perdigital’s portfolio like Steam, Joygame and Oasis. Perdigital will expand its business area and try to reach every person who wants to be entertained.

Gaming in Turkey will boost Perdigital with its vision and help to introduce improvements to its customers. Also some new collaborations will born in future but first of all G.I.T will focus Perdigital’s corporate works and social media managing.

We welcome Perdigital in to Gaming in Turkey family!