Gaming in Turkey Attends Gamescom For Turkish Game Market
Gaming in Turkey attends Gamescom for Turkish Game Market Opportunities! This year we will attend to Gamescom again from 22 to 26 August at Germany.
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Gaming in Turkey attends Gamescom 2017 for Turkish Game Market Opportunities! Hello, Gaming in Turkey followers. Last year we were in Gamescom to present Turkish Gaming Market and talk about our services. As several times we presented what Gaming in Turkey do in Turkey and Mena region, Gaming In Turkey – Gaming Agency Services: As a team who achieved the “Max Level” gives all the services a game company needs (Online, Offline, Mobile, PC, Free to Play or Pay to Play, Console). Analyzing users’ needs, translation in any language pairs, localization, UI/UX, media management, media production, 360-degree marketing, product positioning and strategy, digital marketing, user acquisition, social media management, design, digital PR, influencer marketing, tournaments and events, a partnership with giant companies. Our game service team consists of highly skilled Native Community and Social Media Managers and Product Managers with years of experience.

This year we will attend to Gamescom again from 22 to 26 August at Germany. Our founder Mr. Ozan Aydemir will be in Germany 4 days to talk about Turkish gaming business and Gaming in Turkey services. After last year’s Gamescom, we talked with several game companies and some of them are our client now. FTurkish gaming market is a unique market which needs to be localized and supported with Turkish. Turkey has the youngest population according to Newzoo for Europe data last year and mobile gaming is in increasing trend. Because of these data, Turkey is emerging market in gaming and players want to play new games. With our strategic partners, from IT to Field Activities, from Music/voice over Creation to Media, we are covering all needs of game companies and preparing marketing plan with the consultancy of our 9 years gaming experience. Before the opening game, we are taking care of translation, localization and QA services. After the game is ready, according to our marketing plan, we are managing Social Medias, Digital PR, opening events and if needed we are giving operation and customer support services. From A to Z, we are giving services to cover what a game company needs.

Gaming in Turkey attends Gamescom for Turkish Game Market Opportunities!  Between 22 – 26 August, we are participating Gamescom, The leading European trade fair for digital gaming culture is the meeting point for global companies from the entertainment industry and the international gaming community. If you are also interested in the Turkish market and want your products/games to be in this market, let’s meet at Gamescom and talk about new opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact us and let’s schedule our meeting.

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