Gaming In Turkey Diaries – Gamex Interview

Gaming In Turkey Diaries - Gamex Interview

Gaming in Turkey Diaries; Gamex Interview! We are trying to describe and present Turkish gaming market to our connections, countries and potential investors. From now on, we wanted to start a guest from industry to talk about market and needs. This week is a start and we made an interview with GameX Expo’s CEO Mr İsmet Göksel to talk about Turkish gaming market. We had questions and he had his answers. Lets begin, but before let us tell you, if you have questions about Turkish gaming market, shoot us and we will ask to our guests.


Hello Mr Göksel,

Welcome to Gaming in Turkey Diaries; GameX Interview This diary is belong to Turkish gaming market professionals. We wanted to talk with you as a start guest, again welcome. We know you long time with your Compex and Gamex exhibitions. Nearly 40 years you are in business and collaborating companies. Lets talk about your profesionalism and lets Gaming in Turkey readers know you;

İsmet Göksel: Before founding Rönesans A.Ş. in 1982, I worked in numerous Publishing companies in Turkey. I was one of the managers of the Turkeys fist economy focused newspaper “Rapor”. Also I was one of the founding members of the newspaper “Sabah”. After founding Rönesans A.Ş., our adventure continued on the field of publishing with different magazines which topics differentiate from Business Management to Computer Technologies. Along with publishing activities, we began to organize Expo’s on different fields. We’re organizing Expo’s fort he past 35 years but fort he last 10 years we’re organizing GameX which is the one and only International Digital Gaming Expo Turkey.

Interview with GameX CEO Mr. İsmet Göksel
GameX Interview with GameX CEO Mr. İsmet Göksel

Gaming in Turkey: Lets talk about GameX, how is this exhibition grow and became well known brand in Turkish gaming business.

İsmet Göksel: The starting point for the GameX idea was our previous expo “Compex”. Compex Expo was mainly focused  on Computer Technologies. But at the same time we were aware that, all around the world Digital Gaming was becoming the new trend and the gaming industry was expanding continuously. So we decided to take our first steps into ever growing Gaming Industry by organizing GameX Digital Gaming Expo.

Gaming in Turkey: Whats your view for Esports? How about Turkey vs Global, do you think Turkey needs some time?

İsmet Göksel: Esports is the next step on the evolution cycle of gaming industry. It’s not even right to call it next step these days. It’s here now and it’s here to stay. There are a lot of promising business ventures in Turkey on the field of Esports. Some of these ventures even gets global recognition. But in my opinion, Turkey needs just a little bit of more time to get recognized as a one of the global powers in esports industry as a whole.

Gaming in Turkey: Whats your opinion about new technologes, VR and AR, where is technology going to and how it will effect game business?

İsmet Göksel: 2016 and the following years are the years of AR and VR. There are a lot of companies investing on this technology and like you said most of them are the members of the gaming industry. Of course there are a lot of opportunities on different fields for AR and VR like engineering, medical, architecture etc. But right now, gaming looks like the main focus of this technologies.  And this situation will effect both players and developers. But to answer this question properly, these Technologies must become more mainstream and accesible by a wider audience.

Gaming in Turkey: Lets talk about GameX 2015, can you share some numbers with us and what is your expectation from GameX 2016? What are your plans?

İsmet Göksel: GameX is the one and only International Digital Gaming Expo in the Eastern Europe and MENA region. With ever growing visitor count each year, it’s the ultimate platform for global and local gaming companies to promote their new products and services, create business connections with exclusive B2B opportunities and of course meet the fans! İt’s the meeting point for the gaming industry with the sponsorship of prime local and international technology companies, the contribution of written, visual and digital media, exciting e-sports tournaments and entertaining live shows. Over 100 companies and  brands were present at the GameX 2015. Also I like to give some figures about our annual GameX Awards. In 2015, we gave awards on 14 different categories to a total of 111 nominees with a total of 220.000 votes.  With 140.000+ visits in 4 days, GameX 2015 broke its own record.We expect that Both visitor and exhibitor number will grow dramatically  in 2016 on par with industries global growth. GameX 2016 International Digital Gaming Expo will be held in Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Fair and Exhibition Center on 01-04 December 2016.

Gaming in Turkey: Give us last words for Gaming in Turkey readers, about Turkish gaming business, your ideas, your comments.

İsmet Göksel: I think, every year, Turkish gaming evolves and we have several good developers and publishers in region. With support of government, our participation in Europe will grow and we will share market with increased rates. Gamescom was a big opportunity like Gamex, to show world, how Turkish gaming business grows. I think these exhibitions importance will increase year by year for all regional players. Its our most important topic to enlarge Turkish Gaming Business.

Thank you Mr Göksel, for our warm GameX interview. For more info you can always contact us via For more GameX info you can visit GameX webpage.