Gaming In Turkey Increasing Range Of Services

Gaming In Turkey Increasing Range Of Services

Gaming in Turkey increasing range of services with quality and best performance day by day from its establishment. At the beginning, we decided to serve with our experienced and succeed marketing tools. After some time, we realized that trust of our clients and successful partnerships, you are searching operational and IT based solutions. Gaming in Turkey team is evaluating its service area with the needs of clients and adding new partners internally. From marketing to IT, operations to QA we will give a complete service as a Media Hub for Gaming & Gaming Agency. Lets check our solutions and expanded service areas.

Sincerely Yours / Ozan Aydemir / Founder

Gaming In Turkey Increasing Range Of Services
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Gaming in Turkey increasing range of services; Gaming in Turkey is one of the market-leading website and blog for news and information about the Turkey video games industry, covering all aspects of the interactive entertainment value chain. Our blog covers every part of the industry, from design, development, publishing, marketing, distribution, retail, interviews and analysis.
Gaming Agency Game Marketing

  • Game Localization
  • Game UI / UX
  • Game Media Planning
  • Game Video Production
  • Game Brand & Strategy Development
  • Game Digital Marketing
  • Game Social Media Management
  • Game Creative Designs
  • Game Digital PR
  • Game E-Sports
  • Game Partnerships
  • Game Influencer Marketing

Operational & Management Services

  • Game Translation
  • Game Event Organizations
  • Game Customer Support
  • Game Related Local Payment Options
  • Game Management
  • Game Moderation
  • Game Monitoring (7 / 24)

Quality Assurance(QA) Services

Quality Assurance; As Gaming in Turkey, we provide a thorough QA process using best infrastructure and well trained professional QA team.

  • Cross-Platform Testing
  • Device Screen Size Test
  • Operating System Compatibility Test
  • Product Functional Controls
  • Design & UI Controls
  • Usability tests
  • Bug & Fixes
  • Full Test Before Launch

Information Technology(IT) Services

  • Cloud
  • CDN
  • Hosting
  • Multi Downloader Platform


  • Mobile Game Publishing
  • PC Game Publishing
  • Exclusive Partnerships
  • Channeling Partnerships

Music & Voice Over Studio

After making voiceovers and video productions to our customers, we decided to make a partnership with a Music & Voice Over Studio. From now on, our ranks increased with capable and creative team members whose music is their life. With several experiences and references, our Music & Voice Over Team made more than hundreds of jingles, music production and voiceovers. We started to work with game development companies to make game music. If you need localized voiceover, game music or trailer production, do not hesitate to contact us.
Field Marketing & Activities

Field Marketing is a traditional discipline in direct marketing. From our past experience, games are best tested and played at internet cafes whole around Turkey. After couple of meetings, we added  a new team in Gaming in Turkey to make field marketing at internet cafes, AVM’s and prepare organizations. While we are serving to game companies, we will be in field and distribute game clients, test game with real audience at internet cafes and make organizations.
P.O.P Materials

P.O.P material production is important topic for field marketing. Gaming in Turkey expert creative team prepares exact solution for P.O.P materials and we are partnering with experienced printing house. Need of field marketing and game companies,
Gaming in Turkey professionals taking exact actions and prepare P.O.P materials with creative ideas and best quality printings.
Gaming in Turkey increasing range of services and we are always ready for you whenever you need us!