Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU Is The Official Partner of gamescom 2021 Again! We rolled up our sleeves for gamescom 2021, which gamers and fans are eagerly awaiting. This year, as we did last year, we joined forces with gamescom to broadcast the entirety of gamescom 2021, which will take place online! Within the scope of our cooperation, we will publish the entire event in Turkish, which will take place between 23-27 August 2021!

gamescom 2021, which has been moving to the digital universe for two years due to the pandemic and taking place online, will be published in Turkish for the second time this year. The entire event will be open to gamers from all over the world and will be held free of charge. Opening Night Live with Geoff Keighley, one of the most watched game shows worldwide last year, will kick off the gamescom 2021 event. The event will start with the show on August 25, 2021. Shows such as gamescom Studio and gamescom: Awesome Indies, one of last year’s hit shows, will reunite with viewers this year. Special events will also be held to bring independent game makers together with sponsors.


gamescom 2021 is now more interactive

gamescom is also preparing a variety of events this year to actively engage viewers in the organization further. Special content published in these organizations, called gamescom epix, will enable viewers to be in active contact with gamescom. Viewers will collect points through social media events to win major prizes which will be held in secret in a vault until it is announced on the opening day of gamescom 2021. In addition, organization-specific short-term discounts and opportunities for the gaming world will be announced. Surprise names from the world of gaming and esports in Turkey, which hundreds of thousands of people love to watch, will present the broadcasts in Turkey.

400,000 people watched the event last year

gamescom 2020, which was held online last year due to Covid-19, managed to get out of the shadow of the pandemic and attracted great attention from gamers. gamescom 2020 was completely digital and free, with the attendance of players and gamers from all over the world. Thanks to our partnership agreement with gamescom as Gaming in TURKEY | MENA | EU Gaming and Esports Agency, the entire organization was broadcast live and in Turkish for the first time.


Within the scope of our partnership during the 3-day event, viewers in Turkey watched the show in full Turkish with comments and presentations from popular names such as Pinti Panda, Can Sungur, wtcN, Eren Aktan, Toqtir, and Videoyun. The popular names of the gaming world reached more than 400 thousand people with their broadcasts on different live platforms.

At the same time, the organization in Turkey had a large fundraiser.  Turkish broadcasters introduced the “Make a Wish” association throughout 2020, directing people to donate so that viewers could enjoy the show with their favorite creators and give hope to the children with their donations during the show.

Get ready to get in the game at the gamescom 2021 event, which runs from August 23rd to 27th! Don’t forget to mark your calendars to enjoy and share the excitement of the whole show completely free and also in Turkish with gamers and gaming lovers all over the world!