Gaming Istanbul 2017 (GIST) Impressions

Gaming Istanbul 2017 (GIST) Impressions

Gaming İstanbul – GIST “Game Exhibit”. is our topic for today. We visited 2 times with weekend and weekday, we will give our impressions and try to give brief information about exhibition.

We were in Gaming İstanbul as a visitor in Friday and Saturday. This year Gist held second time and we can say there is a remarkable differecen in visitors. Even it was a weekday, Friday was nearly same as last years weekend. And Saturday visitor made Gist record we think. Partipicants are well known companies from Turkish gaming industry and also global titles. Playstation opened a stand to give a chance for trying Playstation VR in games. Also there was a Blizzard supported Overwatch tournemnt in GIST. Nvidia Geforce made a booth for tournament and Blizzard also created a booth with its Turkish distributor Aral for Overwatch and other games.


We also see mobile gaming companies such as Netmarble Turkey with its games Paramanya, Star Force Arena and PC game Wolfteam. Wolfteam made a championship with 4 teams at Thursday. Mobile game booth has several cosplay characters, some of them very famous in cosplay world named as Enji Knight, Lean Chiro and Tabitha. Also some influencers visited Netmarble Turkey booth. Tencent attended GIST with its new Mobile Moba – Strike of Kings with a booth and presented the game for Turkish gamers. There is a news about Tencent also who will entering Turkish gaming industry with 5 million dollar budget. This is also huge number but shows their initial target.

In Gaming İstanbul, there were several seminars about gaming and gaming industry. Our founder Mr. Ozan Aydemir also invited one of them “Final ring in marketing evolution: Games” and talk about marketing of Pc and Mobile games. More than 100 people from Turkish Gaming Industry watch the seminar and Mr. Aydemir shared project plans, marketing details and ideas about gaming with other guests. There was a B2B area in GIST for business talk which was seperated from fair hall.

In exhibition side Gpay attended with its customer companies IGG and Kinguin, with Paladins & Smite, Gamecell with several tournaments and indie game develeopers to show their games. With huge visitors and participants, seminars and b2b meeting hall, Gaming İstanbul is covering Turkish Gaming Business and meet with global actors.

Gaming in Turkey’s last words, if you want to see Turkish Gamers and audience you have to be here and you will find good business opportunities.