In 2016, Game Exhibitions in İstanbul are increasing. From now on, Gaming Istanbul will be in February and Gamex will be in December. Gist is a new brand for the gaming industry. In 2015, Gist was announced by its makers, GL Events. Gaming Istanbul is designed to be “the gaming bridge of EuroAsia” inside a 10.000 m² space at Istanbul Congress Centre with an estimated 100,000+ international visitors for 2016.


Commenting on the announcement, Cevher Eryürek, Project Director, Gaming Istanbul, said:
“Istanbul has been known as the gateway to Eurasia for centuries, and Gaming Istanbul was designed with this ethos in mind. For publishers, it will provide a platform for their products, showcasing them to a huge audience. For developers, tools providers, distributors, and the wider industry, Gaming Istanbul is a springboard into Europe for Asian companies, and a bridge to the east for Europe and the Americas.”

As owners said, Gaming İstanbul will bring together all game publishers, developers, and gamers. Between February 4 – 7,  at Istanbul Congress Center we will meet Gist and its gaming world. There will be Cosplay shows, dancing shows, Bedük concerts, tournaments, Media Deals hosted developer-investor meetings, hosted workshops in Gist 2016. The developing game industry also shows effects in Turkey, exhibitions are increasing, and developers are growing. This is also important for foreign publishers and developers to find new investment regions.

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